Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stopped Uppedness

I'm sure it's because of all the progesterone that is floating around in my body right now, but I have such a stopped up GI system at the moment. I can't eat very much at one sitting ( eating smaller more frequent meals these days ) and the food I DO eat seems to sit in my stomach for a long time. I have to sit up/be propped up in bed during my afternoon naps, which I'm grateful I can have, and wake up still feeling like there's a brick in my tummy.

Oh well.

I was telling a friend that I will take the good and the bad together in this pregnancy because who knows if this will be the only one I'll ever have, non-spring- chicken that I am *grin*

At least I am not having the nausea much any more. In fact, I haven't felt the nausea in a few days - if I feel nauseous at all, it's because of the bloatedness and feeling of indigestion.

AND on the wardrobe front, the hubs brought me to Ross' the other day to get some maternity stuff, and I ended up with a pair of jeans with the stretchy maternity band, a "yoga/exercise" pants with the same stretchy waist band, and a couple of tops. And all for like less than $40.00.


The hubs still feels pretty helpless at times when he sees me sleeping propped up in bed, or when I'm telling him I'm feeling so uneasy from all the stopped-uppedness, and offers to give me a back rub or something.

Yup Jnr, your daddy's quite the sweetheart :)

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Applied Christianity said...

I am glad that you are feeling better.