Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dentist vs OBGYN

We started off the day early yesterday, with a trip to the dentist.

He had spotted some "inflammation" along the gum line of one tooth the last time I was there for a checkup, but it hadn't been bothering me none. So when it still didn't bother me any for the next 3 weeks, plus there wasn't any redness that I could see, I thought "oh well, he'll just check and see that there's nothing to be done, and that'll be that".

Yeah, right. He said that there was still some inflammation, and he wanted to use a local tetracycline antibiotic that would not get into my system ( i.e. Junior ), but I was reluctant to do that. I told him I would consult my OGBYN ( whom I would be seeing right after I leave his office ) about that first.

Long story short, the OGBYN was quite adamant that no tetracycline was to be used at all, and I don't blame her. Tetracycline does all kinds of stuff to the baby ( even tho the dentist said it was merely local and wasn't systemic )

From a drug safety site :

Problems attributable to the use of the tetracyclines during or around the gestational period can be classified into four areas:
  • Adverse effects on fetal teeth and bones
  • Maternal liver toxicity
  • Congenital defects
  • Miscellaneous effects
Gah, no thanks.


Kalen said...

Hi Letti, i'm glad you didn't listen to the dentist.

Applied Christianity said...

Good for you for standing up for what you thought was best.

Bad Sheep said...

I had my OB send a list of drugs that could be administered at the dentist. I had to have a root canal, it would not have waited until after the babies. Did you ever have to do a glucose test?