Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why didn't I think of this earlier?

I hadn't bought much maternity stuff to wear during the pregnancy. One pair of maternity jeans ( they stop being comfortable quite a while back and so I've been wearing my pre-preggo jeans with my belly belt and belly band ), one pair of yoga-like pants which I love, a pair of maternity shorts, and about 3 maternity tops. I've been able to get away with wearing my blousier stuff, and bigger t-shirts.

I have, however, from young, only worn shorts at home. So that one pair of maternity shorts has had to do quadruple duty, along with one stretchy pair of shorts I've had for a while. However, in my el hugeo preggo deluxo state, the stretchy shorts just isn't comfortable anymore, and my clothes seem to get dirtier faster as the pregnancy advances.

So.... I've taken to raiding the hub's underwear drawer and I have to say, I should have started wearing his boxer shorts around the house much earlier. Man, they're comfortable.


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