Thursday, April 23, 2009

I need a "catch up" post,

but first....


you've started crying with some tears in your eyes.. enough to have the moist teary eyed look, but not enough to stream down your cheeks yet. I am NOT looking forward to that day... it will totally break my heart.


Moments In Time said...

oooooh... hopefully it'll be happy tears! Almost 4 weeks old... such a big boy already!

Tammi said...

Oh my cows! Those big ol' tears will come soon enough!lol THEN you'll be wishing for a rewind!!HA Especially when he learns how to make "crocidile tears" (not really for REAL tears)hahaha
OK--so what's with the fake baby?Huh?huh?huh?We want pictures of Jaxon!! Let's all say it together now!
"Jaxon Pics please"!!

Lady in Red said...

Hi Letti,

Jaxon is beautiful. Congratulations!

Take care!

McMGrad89 said...

Happy 1 month birthday Jaxon. Sorry I missed your real birthday. I don't know where I have been these few months. Tell your mommy that I am very happy for her and hope to meet her IRL some day. We also hope to see a scrapblog about you some day too.

Be good to your mommy!

Annemarie (mommyvictory)

PS - Letti, we will be in Abilene this Sunday!