Friday, July 31, 2009

Well Baby Visit

We went to the pediatrician's today for your 4 month well child visit. You now weigh a whopping 17lbs and 11 ounces, and measure 25 1/4 inches in length. We're thinking Sumo wrestler might be a remote career option. :P


The doctor was very pleased with your progress, milestones, and health. He wanted to see if we could cut down your night time feedings, though, so that you can eventually sleep through the night without a need for feeding.


He also suggested that we might start you on a few tablespoons of iron fortified rice cereal once a day, and going ahead with experimenting with different foods from there. The no-nos for now are chocolate, peanuts, eggs and honey. Otherwise, the sky's ( almost ) the limit. We'll have you eating out of chopsticks in no time! Hehe..

It IS quite an exciting milestone, actually. We're going to take this "solid food" thing one baby step at a time and I already forsee needing all kinds of new gadgets to add to our baby stuff repertoire. ( brother ! ) Like Scoop Bibs, for example. Fun fun fun.


The immunization part of the exam though, was stressful, as before. You cried when the shots were given, but didn't cry for as long as during the 2 month visit. Once we got home, you were a little fussier and clingier than usual. When you finally settled down for a nap in the late afternoon, you slept for about 1/2 hour. Then you crashed for the night way earlier than your usual bed time...made Daddy almost crazy with paranoia wondering if you were having a reaction to the vaccines. Poor stressed baby and daddy. We'll be giving you baby Tylenol for a day or so, but I'm sure you'll be A OK in no time :)

p/s random thoughts on things that make you laugh

  • mummy's funny faces
  • daddy making you do a strange "Elaine" boogie
  • mummy laughing exageratedly "ho ho ho"
  • mummy gumming your 'pits

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