Monday, October 5, 2009

Table Manners


Dinner is usually the time when the family comes together and has a meal together. Most days, when I'm feeding you breakfast ( and myself as well, if I possibly could ), daddy is still snoozing. And, you usually nurse for lunch, and I'm sooo over nursing you at the dining table. :) Which leaves us with dinner time. Usually you sit in your little booster seat with your little tray toys, between mummy and daddy.

AND, usually halfway through our meal, sometimes while being FED, you would start grunting and your face would turn a little red from "exertion". Daddy gets the most incredulous looks on his face when you do that. :P


Jaxon : *nghhhhhh ugghh unngggghhhhhHHH mmnggghhhh*

Daddy : Good grief, boy, do you have to be so obvious???

Mummy : *chuckle*