Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Firsts

Monday, Dec 14th 2009

#1. After your bath and I was ready to say "All Done" and get you out of the tub, you had "that" look on your face, and I KNEW you were pooping.. I quickly scooped you out of the tub and kinda held you dangling to make sure you were totally done. :P Later we made daddy dump the wash water down the toilet :)

#2. You pulled up to stand after your bath, in the bedroom. We had changed you into your jammies and you were just crawling around the bed, and wanted to pull up on the pillow that was propped up against your pack n play. Daddy and I held the pillow in place and you struggled a little, but then you stood up!! Hurray for our strong boy!

#3 Your first photo with Santa.. Read all about it HERE


you've pulled up to stand a few more times! I have a "chest" in my study and you pulled up on it a couple of times today while we were hanging out in there! Woohoo! Go baby Go!


Thao said...

It's starting. Get the house ready for a wobbly tot, barricades and all.

Thao said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope Jaxson has a wonderful first Christmas.