Monday, February 22, 2010

Pee Ka Boo!

You're still coughing and your nose is still dribbling like a leaky faucet

but you're still up for some peekaboo action! :)

Reach for the curtain


Drag it across your face



Peek to see that mummy is watching...and,




Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hair @ 10 1/2 months

The back of your head has hair that is doing an uncoordinated wave


whilst the front, when not combed, is a tribute to Squiggy



Bah Hum BUG

You started having a little cough a couple of nights ago, which is now a full fledged phlegmy-runny-nosed-mild fever cold. Poor baby can't get good rest... I hear you "gurgling" over the monitor from all the phlegminess so I try to go in and reposition you so you can breathe better. You don't mind the Baby Tylenol too much, but you DO screw up your face whenever you are "made" to take it, though. I can't imagine it tastes all that good, even if masked in a ( sickly ) sweet grape concoction.


Nevertheless, you're still in (relatively ) good spirits most of the day, playing with your toys and giving everyone some love. You do get run down faster though - who can blame you. But, difficult as it is to see my little baby coughing with snot running down his nose and all, I know your immune system is getting stronger and stronger with every bug you fight. KERPOW!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Adventures in Food

Yesterday you had pancakes for breakfast.


Or rather, I introduced bits of pancakes to you while you were having breakfast, and you loved them! You couldn't stop shoving them into your mouth. LOL


Then for dinner, we went to a chinese place with the family and you had rice with Ma Po Tofu, and you liked THAT as well! Attaboy :)


Today, we had stirfried vegetables for dinner and you tried asparagus tips, brocolli tips AND cauliflower tips without even batting an eyelid. Woah. I mean, you have cauliflower and brocolli hating genes ( looks at daddy ) in you, but they will not be given a chance to express themselves. MWAHAHAHAHA.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby Fish Mouth

How did you know I love When Harry Met Sally?

Jaxon's Version


The Movie's Version

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Being a parent means

your heart breaks almost all the time.

At least that's how it seems, to a newbie. A lot of times I feel like a complete noob. Especially when I can't protect you against every bump or cut. Some days I just want to wrap you up in bubble wrap so nothing could ever hurt you. Or have the whole house bubble wrapped. *sigh*


Ugh, I wish being a parent wasn't so scary. I had my back turned the other day when you were in my study with me when i heard a noise and turned around to see you sitting by the chest, face screwed up with an impending scream / wail to follow. UGH. I think you were biting the chest or something, and slipped and hit your mouth on the edge. You had blood in your mouth and wouldn't let me see, but continued crying and crying.

Man, my heart was breaking. You had a laceration on your gum above the left upper front tooth. After you had calmed down and I got daddy in from outside, we checked your mouth. The tooth didn't seem shaky or loose, but there was a gash on the gum above it. The bleeding stopped quickly, but it gives me shivers to think about all the bumps and lumps you're gonna get. It hurts my heart sooo much when you get hurt. *cry*

On the other hand, being a parent also means your heart swells so much sometimes with love and pride that it seems too much for your chest to contain all the emotions. Sappy, I know. And when you are a teenager and reading this, and going "Good Grief, mom", just keep all of this in mind for when you become a parent yourself, kiddo :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Too Many Decibels

I've noticed that you don't like loud sounds.

Your reaction to loud sustained noises / sounds is to try to BEAT that loud sound by shrieking or screaming at the top of your lungs at whatever is making that noise!

Like when you're in the bathroom with me when I get your bath water ready. You would look at the faucet and proceed to scream at it, like "SHUDDUP!!!" or something.

Or your Ball Popper toy. You love to play with it - you have learnt how to start it up, but when it goes into its ball popping frenzy with that (dare I say annoying ) music, you scream and holler at it. LOL. It's quite the sight :)

Crystal Ball

Your daddy is a big softy when it comes to you, and so I can already predict how it's going to go in the future...


Thursday, February 11, 2010

"I see Television in your future"

I had a dental appointment last week in town, and so your dad and you waited for me across the street in this Donut Shop run by some Cambodian folks.

When I came over after my appointment, you were silently watching your favorite episode of the "Wonder Pets" series on daddy's Asus PC. , i.e. "The Wonder Pets Save The Bengal Tiger" -


Your dad and I practically know all the songs and dialogue to this by now.

Anyway, the Cambodian lady came up to me and said, "He no cry! He very good boy!" I looked over at you and you were super absorbed in a Bollywood extravaganza scene on the screen.

Smiling, I agreed with her and told her that you usually fussed only when you were tired/sleepy but was pretty much good natured all other times.

Anyway, then we were off to Sam's and random people would come up to us and tell us what a beautiful child you are and fawn over you. That never ceases to amaze your daddy..

We were waiting for your Dad because he was at the Auto area to check to see if our car was ready - we were getting new tyres - and so I parked us over at the big screen TVs. We had a bunch of people come by and ooh and ah over you, and you were just eating it all up, you big flirt. :)



Tuesday, February 2, 2010


You pretty much sleep on your tummy these days.

It seems like your most comfortable sleeping position is on your tummy with your hands and knees tucked under you.

Daddy has nicknamed that pose "The Inchworm"


Monday, February 1, 2010

A Pang

is what I felt when I saw the Zits comic strip on Sunday.

*sigh* I know you're only 10 months, and there's lots and lots more fun to be had together, but selfishly, I want to be your BFF literally forever :) *Bracing self for "letting-go" lessons for the future*