Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our little Toddler...

You turned 13 months yesterday. Man.

A year ago, today, you looked like THIS,


and you could hold your head up for a few seconds when I was burping you, as well as turn your head a little from side to side to follow objects/sounds.

Look how far you've come!

You are saying more words that actually mean something.... of course, when you say these words, they don't sound too much like the actual word. I mean, the enunciation part is hard for you at this point, but if I use my imagination, I really can "feel" what you're trying to say :) Whenever you point at something, or show me something, or give me the "huh?" sound, I try to tell you what the object is.. and most of the time you try to repeat it after me. Very cool.


Certain days you are ravenous, and other days you just want some milk and that's it. Tonight was one of those ravenous nights. You had rice, squash, fish, mushrooms and orange slices. One good thing about babies though, you guys know when you have had enough food.

You're still working on your walking. You can get from squatting to standing relatively easily now, and I don't think you've gone beyond the 5 steps walking limit yet, but you're working hard at it!

And also climbing all over stuff.



You're such a silly little boy.... you do this little joke when I am rocking you to sleep, and you have your head on my shoulder. You will pretend like you were trying to go to sleep, and then suddenly lift your head, and look at me, grinning. :)

Usually you do this about 3 or 4 times before deciding that you probaby DID want to go to sleep after all. :)