Thursday, August 12, 2010

Well Child Clinic and Ambidextrosity

We brought you for your 15 - 18 month doctor's visit today

Current Vital Statistics

Weight : 26 lbs 5 oz
Height : 32 inches

Both are in the 65th percentile more or less.

You were very trepidatious this time around, and it seemed like you remembered the doctor's office as being a place where not very pleasant things were likely to happen. So, you were pretty clingy and unhappy, and I don't blame you.

You received several shots today, as well as a finger prick to test for anemia. Your hemoglobin level was 11.8 mg/dl. Excellent!

After the doctor's visit, we went off to IHOP for breakfast/brunch, and you had your first taste of IHOP pancakes! :)

You loved scribbling with the crayons on the little thingy they give kids, but this time, you finally decided on using your left hand, after struggling for a few minutes with the bandaid that was on your right middle finger..



Your dad, a lefty, says that that gives him an idea on how to convert you to "lefty"ism :)

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McMGrad89 said...

Funny. We thought was going to be ambidextrous, but he has slowly started only using his right. Hope we can turn him into a southpaw pitcher, though. There might be a future in that. LOL

Good Luck, Dad, getting your own southpaw.