Thursday, January 27, 2011


a.k.a Best Furry Friend

a.k.a Elmo ( or as you call him, "Mah Mo Kee" )

I can understand the mah mo part, but the Kee kind of escapes me.

You had a couple of little 2" ( more or less ) tall little plastic Elmos that you got in the Easter Egg Hunt of 2010, and you would hug them by pressing them against your neck.

We were at Big Lots last weekend, and came across a very affordable Elmo stuffed toy, which I couldn't resist getting for you :)

He sure gives much better hugs than the plastic ones.



I found this pic on my phone after I had posted the blog, so I thought I'd add it on. This isn't the little plastic elmo I was talking about, but rather, it is an Elmo easter egg with easter bunny ears, that you had brought to bed. :)


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The Chansburys said...

oh i thought he was saying 'my monkey' :)