Friday, July 15, 2011


You're wanting to do things by yourself more and more these days.

You've always wanted to be independent, but these days, if I try to help you do something, you "undo" the help and then attempt it again yourself.

It could be anything at all, like turning a page, or picking up a dropped toy, or even putting a puzzle piece in its place.

When we were at Fort Imagination over a week ago, you were eager to try everything out on your own.

Like climbing OVER this beam, for example.


Daddy tried to help you out by giving you a little boost, but you would say, "No, daddy, no", UNCLIMB it, and then try again, always making sure daddy's not helping out..


Once you were successful, you were off to the next challenge..

Which was traversing this bridge thingy. Once again, you wanted no help. We were close by enough to do something in case you lost your footing or hold, of course.



The one thing you loved doing over and over was the slide. You wanted to climb up to the slide yourself, but wanted us to be at the bottom to catch you too :)


And your victory yell is "HURRAY, I DID IT!!!"

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