Thursday, March 29, 2012

The PRE-Birthday Cake

Actually, I had baked a "practice cake" and accidentally broke part of it off, and so had a still-relatively-large piece of cake, which I used to practise spreading the icing and piping some decorations on :)



Of course, when you saw it, you immediately claimed it as yours, seeing how "J is for Jaxon!!!!" :)

Things you have said/done the past couple of weeks

"Beautiful mummy!" I mean, seriously, who could resist a little boy who thinks that his mummy is beautiful, when she has had a complex and issues her whole life about the way she looks?

"You look nice, mummy!" when I was trying on new frames for my lenses ( from the frame that died/broke )

"Grandad" instead of "Gran Gran" several times

Mummy : "Okay little boy, it's time for bed"
Jaxon : "Don't go, mummy"
Mummy : "But I have stuff to put away and also help daddy with something"
Jaxon : "But mummy, I need you. I need you VERY much"

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Percy PJs

I had bought a couple of PJ sets for you at the Dittos for Kiddos sale - one was a Cars PJs and the other was Percy Train PJs.

You had been asking to wear them, and as they are short sleeved PJs, we waited until the nights were a little warmer to wear them. We wore the Cars one for a couple of nights, but this morning, upon waking up, you insisted on putting on the Percy ones, for some reason.


"Mummy, can I wear the Percy Pjs, Pleeeeeeeaaassseeee?"
"Oh please, oh please?"
"Percy PJs are the best PJs EVER!!!"

Good grief, where did THAT come from?

Mummy, can we have a picnic?

A few days ago, you picked up a couple of paper towels that I had left in the playroom, and you laid them out on the floor, exclaiming, "Picnic! Picnic! Mummy, can we have a picnic?? Pleeeeeeeeassseeeeee???"

So we got out some Cheez It Cars Crackers


and invited a bunch of your little animal/toy friends for a snack.



And then we went to Sonic for the first time ever last night, after visiting Grandad. For some reason, to you, it was a "picnic", and you were terribly excited and got to sit in the front seat with Mummy. :P

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Naked Chef

Well, not quite, but still strikingly cute in pirate undies. LOL



Toys that get put away for half a year

or more, which is approximately 1/6 of the life of an almost-3 year old,


often seem like new ones again!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Extra Curricular Activities

We haven't been very consistent with our "lessons" these days, what with having to get things going in the morning and going over to grandad's and all like that,


but I'm hoping that I can be more efficient in doing what I need to get done in the mornings, so that we can get back to coloring and crafts and all that good stuff :)


On a side note, can you believe you can already read some? When I'm reading you a book, and we come to some 3-letter-words, we will try to sound it out together and a lot of the time you actually manage to read it! Hurray for our little reader :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Home is where the Imaginarium is..

You are such an amazing little boy with so much love and affection for everyone around you.. and you are so sweet and smart, with a booming imagination.

"Look Mummy, I'm a turtle!"

( I LOVE this! )


"Look Mummy, I have a BBBIIIIIGGGG tummy!"


and yes, those are big boy underpants!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

... Speaking of #2...

Okay, so I have decided to continue with the "underwear only, with no diapers" trial when we are at home ( but not during naps/bed time or at Grandad's house ).


We went outside a couple of times today to play and get some gardening done, and both times, you wet your underwear, pants and of course, shoes. But we didn't worry about it too much. I mean, we are trying not to make you feel too pressured, and it DOES seem like you ARE more aware of the potty training.

This evening, after dinner, you were watching a video on the computer while I was bringing some things out to the car to bring to Grandad's house. I come in the house, and you run towards me, without your underwear on, going, "MUMMY! There's Poo Poo in the Froggy Potty!"


I keep the froggy potty in the playroom to help us while we are doing this, so that there is an easily accessible potty for you, that you don't have to step-stool onto and all like that.

Anyway, I walk into the playroom, and you are standing over the froggy potty, pointing into it.


And lo and behold, there, in the froggy potty, was exactly what you had said would be in it! I was so excited, we started dancing and singing with lots of praises.

For 3 seconds, I contemplated leaving it in the potty for daddy to see, but then I thought I'd spare him that visual :)

We're so proud of you, little boy :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Stop the Press!

Potty Training Breakthrough Alert!

We started potty training when you turned about 2 1/2 years old, as per Dr. Wiley's advice. Since then, you've gone from not wanting anything to do with the potty, to pottying in both bathrooms, in the frog potty in your play room, and of course, at Grandad's house!

Problem is, you would comply when I suggested we go "pee pee", but you would never volunteer to, even after I told you time and again to let me know when you needed to go. A few times a day, I would check on your diaper, only to find it wet again.


Yesterday, I let you go without your diaper, and put on some of your Thomas the Train underwear, which you were tickled to have on. I then told you that you didn't have your diaper on, and that you were to tell me if you needed to go.

Well, later on, I was in the kitchen cooking, when you came in and told me, "Mummy, I pee pee'd in my underwear and on the floor!"

I went to the play room, and saw a puddle on the carpet protector thingy that my chair was sitting on. ( Thank Goodness it wasn't on the carpet!). After cleaning it and YOU up, I changed your underwear and didn't put another diaper on.

A couple of hours later, you come to me and say, "Mummy! I need to put on a diaper!", which was preschooler-speak for "I need to go potty". So we took your underwear off, sat on the potty, and lo and behold, you DID need to go. :)

Today, we tried the no diaper tack again, and it seems like you remembered and did not want to get yourself all wet again.

I was cooking, and you walked out without your underwear, and announced, "Mummy, I "pee pee"d in the potty!!"

We go check the potty, and lo and behold, you had done your first self-directed tinkling in the potty


We'll try to continue this method if it continues to work and see if we can make any more progress... especially with #2.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

First Baseball Game

Technically speaking, that is.

The was that one time when we were going through Eula ( I'm sure that's not right ), where we parked by the fence for a minute to see the high school game with Grandad, but this one was at Abilene Christian University, and we were sitting up in the stands, right behind home plate....


You loved every minute of it, even though we were there for just the last 2 innings.


We even came home with a stray foul ball for your "scrapbook"


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jan Feb

Just because I've been really bad lately about updating this. *sigh*.


Clockwise from Top Left :

Chocolate Pudding Moustache, At Prime Time, Lunch at Grandad's House, Loving on a Whistle you won at one of those 25 cent vending machine dealies, Mr Penguin bath robe, Chillin' before bed time, watching Team Umizoomi at Grandad's House.