Sunday, April 29, 2012

Supposed to napping but.....

Instead we're watching Cars at Grandad's house

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hands On

We have been slowly getting back to a little bit of the work that we used to do before Grandad got sick.  I am trying to get myself a little better organized as far as the materials for this is concerned.

We've been revisiting the stuff that we used to do.....and this time around, you already know some of the stuff that we are going to do, and your motor skills have developed yet a bit more....and so, you are finding things a little familiar and possibly easier.





I call this one...

"The Accidental Blair Witch Photo"


Although, being scared is no joke.

You have been going to sleep by yourself with the lights off at night for a while now.  At times, you even demand that the lights be turned off.  However, there is a "ceiling" nightlight of the Moon and stars, and the alarm clock projects the time onto the ceiling... as well as there being light from the DVD player that plays your "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" sleepy-time music.  You still want a few toys around you, and you insist on "hiding" under the pillow or a blanket, but usually we would come in to check later, and you would be soundly asleep.

Last night, however, I came in after, maybe half an hour or 45 minutes, ( through the bathroom entrance ), and you were in the bathroom, laying on the rug in front of the sink/counter.  You quickly got up, and said, "Oh, sorry, mummy, I was scared." I speculated that you had come into the bathroom because it was brighter in there, from the dangly Christmas lights I had strung, which framed the mirror/medicine cabinet.

Anyway, that just stabbed me right in the heart that our baby was so scared to sleep alone in the dark(ish) room that he had to seek refuge on the rug in the brighter bathroom! *sigh*

After that, we got out Scout the dog and turned one of the lamps on, on dim, and got you in bed... and you were sleeping soundly when I checked in on you a little while later....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lately, you have started liking to build castles and forts, and "hiding" behind them.


Also, since you have kinda sorta mastered the art of hopping and jumping, you love jumping over the castle walls.

So much so, that it is hard to capture one in dim light, tweaking the f-stops and whatnot,....


so I had to resort to using the flash.


On the subject of hopping/jumping, I managed to capture this one from our little trip to the park by the zoo. :) p/s the shirt you're wearing says "I do my own stunts" :P


But coming back to the subject of forts, you also feel compelled to build a little fort around you at bed time, and to sleep within the "safe" reinforced walls. :)


And speaking of sleep styles...


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mummy, can you take a picture?

Being the son of a camera-trigger-happy mom has rubbed off on you a bit, methinks :P

First you asked if I could take a photo of you with your toys, all lined up



and then you asked for a personal portrait of Thomas :)


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Now that you are THREE

We needed to go for your 3 year old visit with the pediatrician, i.e. the Well Child Clinic.

For some reason, I completely lost sight of/forgot/didn't think of prepping you for the visit. I know, right?

Anyway, we get up in the morning - I had forgotten to set my alarm clock on the phone - and so we're rushing out the door, and getting in the car, and you're like, "We're going to Grandad's house", and I'm like, "Yes, and we're going to see the doctor first".

And then you're like, "NO! I DON'T WANT SEE THE DOCTOR!". Oh boy.

So, all the way to the doctor's office, we're trying to tell you about all the er, fun things there would be to do there, and you are not quite convinced.

We get to the doctor's office, and you are actually trying to tug away from me and stay in the car, but after a promise of some "Cars" treats ( they're like gummy bears shaped like Cars characters ), you relent a little.


When you saw all the other children in there, you started relaxing and got some stickers from the nurse's station. When we were called into one of the rooms, you caught sight of some Cat in the Hat decals on the walls, and it was like your apprehension totally melted away. :) Anyway, it was smooth sailing from then on, and the doctor was very pleased with your growth and development.


Your vitals this time around were..

Height : 3 feet 4 inches
Weight : 38 lbs

both of which are in the 95th percentile.