Thursday, February 28, 2013

How time flies

 photo boyamppuppy_zps680cbc96.gifI know it's only the last day of February, and your birthday isn't for another month, but still... we would have been blessed to have had you as our sweet sweet boy for 4 years ( or more, if you count all the time you were in mummy's tummy! )

I have to be more diligent in documenting all the little things that make you our special little boy. :)

Right now, you are getting better and bolder with the puppies. You were sooooo terrified when we started bringing Henry back in the house, after he got sick.  As for the frisky puppies, you would be so afraid they were going to nip at you or lick you, even. Now, you will reach out to pet them. As for Henry, you walk by him all the time fearlessly :) Of course, they are all the sweetest doggies and would never harm anyone, and you are quickly learning that :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Keen Eye

You're always asking if you can get a piece of paper from the printer to draw on, and I always say, "of course".

Yesterday I asked you if you could draw a man, but didn't prompt or guide any further.  This is what you drew.

 photo e9de9852-da54-4f48-b55a-f24a0250a91f_zps444c853b.jpg

Of course, you had to add silliness by giving daddy some piggy ears and a tail :)

So you decided to draw ANOTHER picture. This time, of you AND mommy, as Angry Birds. :)

 photo 07fab5fa-9651-4b3b-88d3-f8c7d35a99d5_zpsf8e385e9.jpg

Monday, February 25, 2013

You love drawing these days, now that you have much better muscle control in your little hand and fingers.  Of course, you draw what you love, which these days, is the Angry Birds and Bad Piggies gang :)  I'm sure that when you look back at this some day, you will find that the birds and pigs are quite recognizable :)

 photo 0b9f19ec-3fb8-4159-a136-b2ba9a78313e_zps28b282b9.jpg

 photo cd58143e-6b18-44cc-8425-19c3db3242c6_zps0a57135e.jpg

 photo b662a238-02d3-43e4-9605-5413c20c86ec_zps6885245f.jpg

I was reading about children's development as far as drawings went, and at your age, most children just draw an overly large head with stick arms and legs coming out from the head itself.. You don't really have that problem with the birds or pigs because all they are made up of, mostly, is just a head! :P

 photo e66562e2-4e02-476d-a4ac-829680fbcf76_zps069adeee.jpg

You also identify me in your drawings with my glasses, and here's one where you drew daddy, cindy, mommy and yourself as CATERPILLARS wearing helmets. 

 photo cf8f7e01-19a3-4119-bd37-91a03977f05b_zpsb7c8a057.jpg

The Mad Genius at work......

 photo 9eae38a5-1ec5-4de6-bd7d-5ad221f5b83e_zps4e7513b4.jpg

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Did someone say Playground? :)

Now this is a little further from your usual playgrounds, but to a little boy who loves them, it was fresh &magical :)

 photo P1270435_zpse5a4a429.jpg

 photo Blog-006_zps76d48811.jpg
You rode on the see saw for the first time ever ( with Daddy! ), and loved it!
 photo P1270484_zps69b2c333.jpg

 photo P1270517_zpsbdd0ebfb.jpg

Who can resist that smile, aye?

 photo P1270461_zps128a1282.jpg

 photo Blog-005_zps61190bcf.jpg

Another first was, we found swings that were just your size! All the swings we ever encounter are for older kids and intimidating.  These ones were low enough that you could sit and kick your legs and not feel scared or intimidated.

 photo Blog-004_zps6ba40764.jpg

Daddy took this shot of you coming down the slide chute :)

 photo P1270466_zps093265b2.jpg

And mommy took a picture of daddy taking a picture of you :)

 photo 5c2bb982-8921-403c-89af-87d160b739c8_zps2782da79.jpg

And of course, I had to take one of myself :)

 photo P1270457_zps86c8b419.jpg

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Springtime in Winter

It shouldn't be, as it is still somewhat the dead of winter, but the weather has been unseasonably warm, and you have been able to go outside and play some.  On the very cold days, you may have to "settle" for the Kinect, ( yeah, right ), but on warmer days, you get to romp outside with your "machines" and blow bubbles ...... in shorts, a tee, and a fisherman's hat, no less.

 photo P1240404_zps7971a5d5.jpg

 photo Blog-002_zpsdb480b70.jpg

 photo P1240378_zps25cce797.jpg

 photo P1240410_zps8e4f776a.jpg

Friday, February 1, 2013

Caps for Sale

One of the books we borrowed from the library a few weeks ago was Caps for Sale and there were/are a lot or free ideas and resources online on how to use the book for preschoolers and what not...



We also had a set of stackable cups/chairs from the Dollar Store that we got a number of years ago for the girls to play with at Taco Tuesday which was perfect as a fun thing to do to tie in with the theme.


Tuff Guy

Your old Dollar Tree sunglasses that you got from the Foxes for your 3rd birthday bit the dust when you stepped on them one fateful day.


So when we were in HEB one day, and I saw these, I got them for you as part of your Christmas stocking stash.

I think you rock those glasses, although you're doing one of those "No Mamarazzis in my face, please" pose :)

Also, for some strange reason, it brought back a long forgotten memory of THIS song!