Sunday, February 17, 2013

Did someone say Playground? :)

Now this is a little further from your usual playgrounds, but to a little boy who loves them, it was fresh &magical :)

 photo P1270435_zpse5a4a429.jpg

 photo Blog-006_zps76d48811.jpg
You rode on the see saw for the first time ever ( with Daddy! ), and loved it!
 photo P1270484_zps69b2c333.jpg

 photo P1270517_zpsbdd0ebfb.jpg

Who can resist that smile, aye?

 photo P1270461_zps128a1282.jpg

 photo Blog-005_zps61190bcf.jpg

Another first was, we found swings that were just your size! All the swings we ever encounter are for older kids and intimidating.  These ones were low enough that you could sit and kick your legs and not feel scared or intimidated.

 photo Blog-004_zps6ba40764.jpg

Daddy took this shot of you coming down the slide chute :)

 photo P1270466_zps093265b2.jpg

And mommy took a picture of daddy taking a picture of you :)

 photo 5c2bb982-8921-403c-89af-87d160b739c8_zps2782da79.jpg

And of course, I had to take one of myself :)

 photo P1270457_zps86c8b419.jpg

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