Thursday, February 28, 2013

How time flies

 photo boyamppuppy_zps680cbc96.gifI know it's only the last day of February, and your birthday isn't for another month, but still... we would have been blessed to have had you as our sweet sweet boy for 4 years ( or more, if you count all the time you were in mummy's tummy! )

I have to be more diligent in documenting all the little things that make you our special little boy. :)

Right now, you are getting better and bolder with the puppies. You were sooooo terrified when we started bringing Henry back in the house, after he got sick.  As for the frisky puppies, you would be so afraid they were going to nip at you or lick you, even. Now, you will reach out to pet them. As for Henry, you walk by him all the time fearlessly :) Of course, they are all the sweetest doggies and would never harm anyone, and you are quickly learning that :)

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