Monday, February 25, 2013

You love drawing these days, now that you have much better muscle control in your little hand and fingers.  Of course, you draw what you love, which these days, is the Angry Birds and Bad Piggies gang :)  I'm sure that when you look back at this some day, you will find that the birds and pigs are quite recognizable :)

 photo 0b9f19ec-3fb8-4159-a136-b2ba9a78313e_zps28b282b9.jpg

 photo cd58143e-6b18-44cc-8425-19c3db3242c6_zps0a57135e.jpg

 photo b662a238-02d3-43e4-9605-5413c20c86ec_zps6885245f.jpg

I was reading about children's development as far as drawings went, and at your age, most children just draw an overly large head with stick arms and legs coming out from the head itself.. You don't really have that problem with the birds or pigs because all they are made up of, mostly, is just a head! :P

 photo e66562e2-4e02-476d-a4ac-829680fbcf76_zps069adeee.jpg

You also identify me in your drawings with my glasses, and here's one where you drew daddy, cindy, mommy and yourself as CATERPILLARS wearing helmets. 

 photo cf8f7e01-19a3-4119-bd37-91a03977f05b_zpsb7c8a057.jpg

The Mad Genius at work......

 photo 9eae38a5-1ec5-4de6-bd7d-5ad221f5b83e_zps4e7513b4.jpg

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