Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Toys

The Dittos for Kiddos sale was over a week ago, and one of the things I got for you was a Lego Duplo set.

 photo eea85b39-aac7-45d0-a91f-a464284c7e7e_zps244fdc19.jpg

It was supposed to be a birthday present, but I couldn't wait to give it to you so that you could play with it.. there'll be other presents :P

  photo 897aa094-cf83-4228-964e-9eecc0097b1c_zps6a3bb090.jpg

You easily copied all the different designs on the tub, and then I printed out some that were online for you to follow after that.  You were pretty good at improvising the various designs as well.

 photo e48f0d84-4f1c-4e8c-9c7f-71af5480cc84_zpscb7a85f9.jpg

  photo ea90356b-0527-4816-9278-72909cecc95b_zps077c10f4.jpg 

On a different note, these last few days, you love to ask me riddles and when I get the answer right, you would tell me that I had "unlocked the next level". :) Too much Angry Birds and Bad Piggies? :)

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