Saturday, March 23, 2013

Step by Step

When we first got the puppies, you were terrified to go near them.  You would shriek and run away when they came near you, and would hop onto the treadmill to get out of reach.  ( Jasper has since grown much bigger and hangs out ON the treadmill part of the time )

 photo fac836fd-4418-45b6-8845-aafad4f0d18a_zpsc97a278b.jpg

Since you've had to coexist with the little ones, you have learned to be more assertive and are really not afraid of them anymore.  However, Jasper's over enthusiasm at times, can be quite intimidating.  While you will still attempt to play with them now, ( especially with Jessie, who is less threatening - but oft times equally rambunctious ) when you are seated at the kitchen table, you will hoist your legs up, swivel around and place your feet on my lap, just so that the dogs wouldn't be messing with them :P

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