Monday, March 18, 2013

We managed to get through the twos and now the almost-over-with threes pretty much blessed with a very sweet little boy.  You certainly did not have very much of the "terrible"s and "tantrum"s that are often associated with these ages.

 photo 38d10f75-28b0-4233-a308-4710ce54e6a3_zps2a1fb347.jpg

You are often quite happy to play with the simple repertoire of toys that we have, but when we go to Max & Jet's house, you have a grand old time - and often look for some old favorites, like woody and buzz, especially when this time you brought along your current favorite, Mr. Prickle Pants :)

  photo 985d193b-b306-46d9-b4cc-b4846b08ebe1_zps990deb0a.jpg

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