Saturday, July 27, 2013

One can never have enough toys..

We don't have very much space in our little house, so we can't have as many toys as we really want you to be able to have.

 photo 4b933ce5-73a7-4a9a-88e3-077b54a6096c_zpsb2a64f28.jpg

So, whenever we are in places where there is a "Toy Aisle", you would always request that we make a detour over to that aisle :)  I try to "layan" ( good grief, I can only think of the Malay word at the moment ) the request whenever I can, what with all this I-am-depriving-the-little-boy angst and guilt. LOL. But in  my defense, little children CAN be fickle and their interest in something can wane really quickly :)

Ook, I just thought of the word for "layan" - ENTERTAIN

 photo 60e5d4a3-1db0-451e-b2eb-eec0b70e2c89_zps7285aef1.jpg

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