Monday, July 8, 2013

The Ham

You have had a camera stuck right up to your face just about every day of your life since you were born, hehe, so it is no surprise that you ham it up when I say, "let me take your picture", and you say, "one more! one more!" We have been continuing our studies/work in the RV - it is a school room in the day time, and converts into your own bed at night. Imagine that. Remind me to post about you sleeping in the RV :)

 photo d3f73339-2bc2-4899-8033-fc8aa0a1a227_zpsfbbd7706.jpg photo e4bfd25f-0f66-4287-a78f-998a531ee37e_zps2a168cec.jpg photo 50f89755-ceb3-4eb9-9496-b546c39b5e2e_zps0eb874f1.jpg

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