Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Birthday Epidemic

It all started with Pooh Bear's surprise birthday party.... and then it just snowballed into a fortnightly thing or something, where someone or other of your toys would need to have  a birthday party.

Seeing how you aren't really demanding as far as birthday party itineraries go ( You're usually pretty much happy if there's cake or cupcake ), I usually oblige and try to convince you to space them out a little.

So far we have also had

Elmo's Surprise Birthday

 photo a797f506-67fe-4908-a25b-53fbcbd9a4e8_zps001ce080.jpg

 photo 72a634c8-9d0d-4b43-a82d-d18d11180e2f_zpsa963a530.jpg

White Bear's Surprise Birthday

( I know, this was my attempt at not using too much icing, but still have some decoration on the cake - and it worked.. lol, you loved it )

 photo 4810bdc3-5ccb-4470-a3a4-26635429ac9d_zpsd535dd1f.jpg

and Moose's Not-A-Surprise Birthday

Little Pooh Bear Jr.'s birthday has already been scheduled to be next.

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