Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Beany Baby

One of the things you love to do at HEB when we are there for our weekly grocery shopping is digging in the Bean Bin. :)  Now THAT's a real life in-the-marketplace, so to speak, Montessori Sensory Bin!

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jaxon Cooketh

You love to help out when I'm baking.  You helped me with the Cranberry Relish for Thanksgiving AND for Christmas.  You would carefully wash your hands, and then help me load the good ol' fashioned hand crank food grinder, making sure your fingers are far away when there is any grinding going on.  Also, finding and sorting out the squishy cranberries was quite the delightful achievement.

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Also, we had been reading Tomie dePaola's "Clown of God", and there was a recipe for a cookie/biscuit of some sort in there, which I thought we would try out, but with a seasonal flair/theme.

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The resulting cookies weren't very pretty,

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but you had fun kneading the dough, rolling it out and using the cookie cutter.... not to mention the icing part, as well as decorating with sprinkles and what not. :)

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Jaxon Speaketh, Jaxon Liketh

1.  Sometimes you are so eager to talk or sing that even while you are breathing in, you will use that intake of breath to continue talking while sucking air in. lol

2.  Overheard today in the car as we went on our excursion to the "Up-and-Down-WHEEE-Hills"
"You know, when Daddy was picking the prickly.. prickly.. prickly plums!"

The aforementioned "plums"

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3. Favorite Christmas "Action" Phrase Of the Year..

"Santa Claus and Ho Ho Ho" 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Prolific Artist

You LOVE to draw.  Not necessarily "coloring", but you LOVE drawing, be they original compositions or something you copied from something you have seen.  Of course, most of them are "Angry Bird" themed, seeing how you love them so much. Every morning when you wake up, the first thing you do is go to the table where your paper and crayons are, and start on a masterpiece.  Every day, there may be at least 3 or 4 completed works, both on the back and front of the paper.

Every Friday, after the ladies' bible class, you love to draw on the whiteboard - such a large canvas for a little boy - while we wait for Daddy to come get us.

This last Friday, the theme was Pirates and Buried Treasure.  The one guy is in a boat, approaching the island, and his boat has a steering wheel on it.  The pirates on the island have jolly roger hats and bandannas.  Of course, there are also Palm trees, sea gulls, clouds, a day-turning-into-night sky, and of course, an "X marks the spot".

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And I wanted to post this before it got lost in all the backlog.

You drew these pictures on Thanksgiving day after watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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Can you spot the balloons, umbrellas, float, sun and christmas tree, among other things? Oh, and the paved road... :) And this "Turkey Hand" thing, was all your own doing.  I wasn't even in the room when you did that. :)

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I was telling Daddy the other day that so what if you don't color meticulously inside the lines.  Your spontaneity and imagination is what I love most about your art work. 


We were at Hillcrest yesterday for "Breakfast with Santa".  We had been counting down the days on your calendar, and as we were approaching the church building, you were practically yelping, "I'm sooooooo excited to have breakfast with Santa!!!"  The day before, you had asked us if ( the real )Santa was going to be there. We said something like, "Probably.. and if he can't make it, his helper would be there"

So we get there, and amazingly enough, there was not a single person in line to see Santa.  So we put down our coats and zoomed over there . ( Of course, a line formed IMMEDIATELY after that. )


You were a little in awe that er, Mrs. Claus knew your name, and at first, was a little shy at approaching Santa, but once on his lap, you were quite confident.

  photo b402a082-f291-4503-a335-391da6396c3a_zpsa420844f.jpg

When we asked if you would like to tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas, you said, "A ball", which is kinda strange since we just got you one a couple of nights ago.  Of course, as we were leaving later, you said, "I need to tell Santa I changed my mind! I want a Pogo Stick instead, because I don't have one!".  Oh dear, how does one deal with such lamentations!

After running around a bit and going to the craft tables ( more on mummy's blog ), you noticed that Santa was walking out the door, and wondered where he was going, but waved goodbye to him anyway.  Then, you went over to the "Santa Station" and peeked behind the makeshift walls, and exclaimed, "Mummy, Santa left his sleigh behind!!"

  photo 2369522a-11f6-4a16-9cd9-f3e3f15c6f5e_zps73c6f846.jpg

We told you that we were sure he was coming back for it, and not to worry.

 photo fdf021fb-8444-4d11-a3ab-477293495091_zps5b8d27ff.jpg

Then we went off to Petsmart to get a few things, AND SANTA WAS THERE TOO!

You were incredulous. We surmised that Santa had left because he needed to get some grub for his reindeer since they were his pets.

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