Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy Birthday, Uncle Jim

a.k.a. an excuse to go play with Max :)

We were at Max and Jet's house yesterday for Uncle Jim's birthday, which had you extremely excited :)

 photo bcc55507-1551-4072-919d-7a49341793b5_zps901113bc.jpg

I love it that Max loves to play with you ( and vice versa )

 photo 08163ccd-4cc7-4492-ac2a-2c7cf2ca2ef8_zps8056182a.jpg

and that the two of you are close enough in age ( 6 months apart ) to be able to get along so well. :)

 photo 5529ce4a-765d-413e-bfab-017e30b7a7ce_zpsd5b38c34.jpg

Hurray for cousins..!

 photo b67a0d82-fce9-4fcf-b356-6750690d0de5_zpscad0ec29.jpg

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