Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mummy the Doctor

Jaxon : Mummy, I think Yellow Bird needs a checkup

Mummy :What's wrong with him?

Jaxon : I'll bring him to you so you can look.


Jaxon : Feel his tail, Mummy? And see Red Bird's tail? They're different.

Mummy  :I see. Red Bird's tail is fuzzy like the rest of his body, and the fur on Yellow Bird's tail is shorter, like the hair on his body.

Jaxon :Yes, Mummy, that's why I needed you to give him a check up

Mummy :Well, I think he is fine. It's like you have brown and curly hair and I have black and straight hair.  They are different, but both are healthy.

Jaxon :Yes, Mummy. *grins* Thank you for giving Yellow Bird a checkup :)

Mummy : Anytime, little boy. Anytime. :)

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