Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Instilling Patriotism

Sometimes when we go through our school work, I find that I am learning way more than I would have if you hadn't come along.  I mean, for some bizarre reason, it has fallen to ME to try to teach you about the history of the United States and help you love your country and its complexity.

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Here we were making colored salt art while learning about 4th of July.

 photo P7019467_zps3ca68002.jpg

  photo P7019475_zps26fc9b3f.jpg

  photo P7019477_zps63087aaf.jpg

Which means I have to read up, and understand, and remember, and then try to teach it in such a way that you feel a sense of pride and hope and love for your country.

I think I am succeeding, in that sense.  You certainly amaze me with your ability to listen and remember and consolidate, internalize and make things that I tell you something new, and which is so uniquely Jaxon. :)

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