Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer at the Library

I know I haven't posted much about what has been happening this summer.  Time for blogging and getting pictures ready seem to slip away from me.

One thing we did, was participate in some of the summer programs that the library has.  One of them was a Puppet / Science show and an intro to the William Joyce festival.  As part of prepping you for the festival, I tried to get you to watch "Rise of the Guardians" with me, but parts of it were a little bit too frightening for you, but you at least got to know the different characters.

You enjoyed being part of the crowd, and the Puppetry,

 photo 549a605d-24e7-486b-a0fb-221255af7cc4_zpsb665bc88.jpg

and then getting to meet The Sandman and the Puppeteer/Ventriloquist :)

 photo 917a6bd2-dcd5-4694-899c-ccd8b5f0fe40_zps582e33ac.jpg

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