Friday, October 10, 2014

Catching up with September

Okay, so here's a glimpse of September with our precious little boy :)

We did all kinds of things during Homeschool - at least I try to make sure we do a bunch of different things.
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I even violated my own "no glitter" rule, and made glitter-filled Space Play Doh when we were doing our Outer Space and Planets unit.

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And of course, being homeschooled, attire doesn't really matter :)

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For a few weeks, we went back in time, to the time of the early pioneers up to the early 1900's.  So we read and watched "Charlie needs a cloak" as well, to help illustrate having to go back to the basics and doing things from scratch, from what you have in nature.

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We read and learned from Donald Hall's Ox Cart Man,

 Patricia MacLachlan's Three Names, and several others.

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And yes, I know there are days when I can get a smidgen too demanding, and you feel frustrated,

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but most days you are just the sweetest little boy and a model student. Whenever you do well, or are able to work a math problem out, and I tell you how proud I am, you never fail to get this big smile and give me the biggest neck hugs you can muster. :)

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Once again, we don't really have a dress code :) Can you guess by now who you want to be this Halloween?

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You have also rekindled your love for drawing and art. A year ago or so, you would wake up and the first thing you would do was start drawing. I tried to make sure we always had some paper on hand for you. Well, a couple of months ago, you decided you wanted to draw again. On a daily basis, several times a day. :) Even at church!

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AND you love to read. Put you in a bookstore or library, and you get lost in your own little world, reading and reading.

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Your reading skills are just mind blowing. I wouldn't be surprised if you tested at 3rd or 4th grade, even, when it comes to reading.

And, little boys being little boys, LOVE muddy puddles AND their daddy's big cowboy hats :)

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We love you immensely, little boy.

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