Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Random Things You Do

as I remember them...

1. You like to hold the remote while we are watching a DVD and pause at the parts where the characters are doing something silly or have a silly face, and have a good laugh.  And then you rewind and pause and laugh all over again.

2. If we are on the tablet, you will pause and rewind, as per #1

3. Every night when Daddy comes to tuck you in, you insist on calling me over and doing a group hug. It is a Big Deal.

4. You have already made out your Christmas List to Santa. Of course, a bunch of it is Angry Birds stuff.

5. You think that wiggling your bottom at me is hilarious.

6. Even after "lights out", you are still up, reading books by the light of your Xmas lights that are strung around your bed area.

7. Favorite cartoons at the moment : Tom and Jerry, Pixie and Dixie & Mr. Jinx, Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound.

8. You can read really well, and are good with sums, and are now coloring in the lines really nicely when you put your mind to it.

9. You are pretty considerate of others' feelings, and I often am struck by how resilient yet loving and gentle you are.

to be continued..

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