Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Crick

Yesterday morning, I was woken up by a panicked daddy, telling me to come see you right away. He told me you had a crick in your neck or something, and that you were crying.  When I got to your room, you were lying stiffly in bed, whining that you couldn't move your head, and crying. You had slept funny in the night or something, and woken up with a sore neck.  You were alarmed that you couldn't turn your head without hurting, and were too afraid to move.
 photo silly faces_zpsnsgvmomr.jpg
I did a quick examination and decided that it wasn't anything more serious than some muscle strain, but of course, you weren't so easily convinced. When I told you it may take a few days for it to heal fully, you were unimpressed.   Many hugs and snuggles ( and promises from Daddy of ice cream ) later, you finally relaxed and went back to sleep.  The short rest did the soreness some good, as well as a dose of ibuprofen, and you were soon dealing with the discomfort like a trooper, with occasional yelps when you forgot that your range of neck movement was still restricted.

Later that day, we were grocery shopping at HEB, you said you were tired, and Daddy made a seat for you on the cart.  A couple of minutes later, you asked Daddy, "Didn't you mention something about ice-cream this morning?"

Brother. :) 

Anyway, both you and Daddy had been pretty traumatized, and so Daddy made good on his promise.  He got you a little mini Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough flavored ice cream to have while I carted you around, picking up groceries.  He then asked you if the ice cream helped your neck any.

Your reply?
 photo smiley_zpsznfvyf8w.jpg
"No Daddy, it didn't heal my head, but it healed my heart"

I think you made Daddy's heart swell up so big right then, it almost burst :)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Having a Frankensteinian Moment

You got Teddy/Freddy/Ted the bear at the Hendrick Hospital Fair, and you two have been inseparable since :)
 photo frankenstein_zpsyo2seory.jpg
Brainstorming with Teddy, perhaps?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Eggstraordinarily Eggcellent Eggceptional Eggs

Yes, we went through a plethora of Egg and Yolk jokes during the Easter season :)

And here we were, making masterpieces for Easter :)
 photo 1_zpskuvqar8e.jpg
You truly had a great time decorating those eggs - we got the fake eggs from Wally World because I didn't want to have to deal with boiled eggs going bad and all that stuff.  Besides, these would theoretically last forever! :) 
 photo 2_zpsdalp0gmb.jpg
 photo 3_zpskqgc4bd5.jpg
 photo 4_zpsld5wim87.jpg

Saturday, April 18, 2015

6 year old Well Child Clinic

As expected, you are growing like a weed. :) Dr. Wiley was happy with your growth and progress, and this time you were even less shy. :)

You are in the 99th percentile for height and 95th percentile for weight.
 photo Fullscreen capture 4182015 101247 AM.bmp_zps0eloefuu.jpg
 photo Fullscreen capture 4182015 101252 AM.bmp_zpsgdwjaijg.jpg
It took waaaay longer to see the doctor this time, for some reason - just about 2 hours' wait! It was a good thing we were armed with tablets and the office had "build a scene" stickers and whatnot.
 photo Well Child 1_zpsx00iikfw.jpg
And how about THIS for a flashback?

6 year old Well Child Clinic 2015
 photo Well-Child-2_zpsnm1bohac.jpg
2 year old Well Child Clinic 2011

Some March School Recaps

First of all, check out this Jon Snow hair.
 photo Hair Hair Everywhere_zpsgz1j6uca.jpg
It has been trimmed by now, of course ( remind me to write a little about that in the next post ), and a little more ruly and still very much full bodied and the envy of all girls everywhere.

We did revision on Butterflies and Bugs,
 photo Bugs and Butterflies_zpsp2pvd1zo.jpg
 photo Butterfly Proboscis_zps1qcamobc.jpg
Celebrated St. Patrick's Day,
 photo St Patricks 1_zpsdibmh13w.jpg
 photo St Patricks 2_zpsaho6gisq.jpg
Played some Pick Up Sticks we got from Uncle Carter and Aunt Winnie for Christmas,
 photo Pick Up Sticks_zpsnew7xpv6.jpg
and had many giggles when attempting some Math problems.
 photo Silly Math_zpsfbtvovva.jpg
You were basically incredulous over the questions and found them hilarious.
 photo Silly Math 3_zpsdnhgedy3.jpg
 photo Silly Math 2_zpsxgydvzx9.jpg

Friday, April 10, 2015


Jaxon : Mommy, what did one groundhog say to the other when he saw a carrot?

Mommy : What?

Jaxon :
He said, "Gopher it!" ( Go for it, geddit? geddit, mommy?)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

National Poetry Month

Not all poetry has to rhyme,

but you are a rhyming fiend at the moment.

The latest one as you were going to bed:

"If I'm ever in a race,
I had better pick up the pace."

Friday, April 3, 2015