Saturday, April 18, 2015

Some March School Recaps

First of all, check out this Jon Snow hair.
 photo Hair Hair Everywhere_zpsgz1j6uca.jpg
It has been trimmed by now, of course ( remind me to write a little about that in the next post ), and a little more ruly and still very much full bodied and the envy of all girls everywhere.

We did revision on Butterflies and Bugs,
 photo Bugs and Butterflies_zpsp2pvd1zo.jpg
 photo Butterfly Proboscis_zps1qcamobc.jpg
Celebrated St. Patrick's Day,
 photo St Patricks 1_zpsdibmh13w.jpg
 photo St Patricks 2_zpsaho6gisq.jpg
Played some Pick Up Sticks we got from Uncle Carter and Aunt Winnie for Christmas,
 photo Pick Up Sticks_zpsnew7xpv6.jpg
and had many giggles when attempting some Math problems.
 photo Silly Math_zpsfbtvovva.jpg
You were basically incredulous over the questions and found them hilarious.
 photo Silly Math 3_zpsdnhgedy3.jpg
 photo Silly Math 2_zpsxgydvzx9.jpg

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