Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Party at the Gymnasium

Azmari, who is 4 weeks younger than you are, had his birthday last weekend.  Ira and the mom of a couple of other kids had come together and rented a local gymnasium for a joint birthday party celebration.
 photo 1_zpsvyrngbub.jpg
It was pretty crazy, what with kids going in all directions,
 photo 6_zpsnnufwxrw.jpg
getting on all the different gymnasium equipment.
 photo 2_zpsgpcvyvfw.jpg
They had several ladies supervising the various areas, and it was quite the experience, for sure.
 photo 3_zpsqwrpb8xn.jpg
You loved the balance beams and the "jumping into a pit of foam cubes" thingies.
 photo 4_zps3ak5gn7x.jpg
 photo 5_zps2vdqbbvp.jpg
Max and Jet and the twins, as well as Mamo and Uncle Jim were there too..
 photo 7_zpswcosuqmr.jpg
At the end, you were so tired out from all the romping, but you didn't want to leave either :)

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