Sunday, August 30, 2015

A STATE of Mind

"Mommy, this looks like Texas! Take a picture! Take a picture!!!"
 photo 3c746e93-bb93-4447-ad18-971c14885090_zpsaorv97wt.jpg

When Books Come Alive

You were very thrilled and immediately asked for a photo when you spied The Very Hungry Caterpillar display at the library :)

 photo d2de8f96-ace4-418e-b2c1-ac0d0d2e0b7f_zpsidwrzsjn.jpg

 photo 86c82ebd-eb56-4814-828c-8239468692e9_zps6ekha8qq.jpg

Monday, August 24, 2015

Just so we have an arbitrary beginning

We have been doing "school" together since you were 2 years old, for goodness' sake :) In some subjects, you are doing 2nd Grade ( or maybe even beyond? ) stuff, but others, you are still covering the 1st Grade curriculum.

Also, we have decided ( or rather, I have decided ) that henceforth, if anyone asks you what grade you are in, you will say that you are in the 1st Grade, along with  peers your age, just so there doesn't need to be so much explaining to do, and to keep things as simple as possible.


I forgot to post this

Last month we read "The Drinking Gourd" for several weeks, and spent time reading and learning about slavery in the 1800s in America, along with reviewing our constellations especially the Big Dipper and how to locate the North Star.
 photo July 08 School Books2_zpswfed0rrc.jpg
 photo July 08 School Books1_zpszk4hbnbm.jpg
 photo July 08 School Books_zpsbidbpkdb.jpg
We did some online activities - you loved the one where you could make quilt designs online - when we touched on Freedom Quilts,
 photo July 20 School Freedom Quilts_zpsohymaske.jpg
and you absolutely loved singing "The Drinking Gourd" every chance you got!
 photo July 21 Drinking Gourd Books and School-001_zpspqhvehwh.jpg

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

Champion Reader!

Earlier in the summer, we took part in the Abilene Public Library Summer Reading Program and entered all the books we read into a journal.  We read more than the required amount, and have continued recording for our own school purposes.
 photo 1_zpszmuov4bm.jpg
 photo 2_zpsxna8vfjj.jpg
We handed over our paper and got our Yard Sign!
 photo o-matic-001_zpsjm5e0xiv.jpg
You're wearing your "Wonder Quest" T-Shirt in this pic, and sporting Stampyesque hair as well!

A Little Boy's Imagination

A Brand New Game

Characters : The 3 pigs and Matilda
 photo Collages_zpslragaubh.jpg
The Game:  "Birding Ball"
 photo May 18 Birding Balls_zpswzn1qpve.jpg

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Stepping Up

No Tail is getting really old and weak, but he likes to jump up onto the cushioned seat next to Daddy's chair in the kitchen.  So, Daddy was looking for a step to make it easier on No Tail, and I offered him your Cars Step Stool.
We had been using it in the RV for you to step up to the bathroom sink to reach high enough to brush your teeth comfortably.  However, about 6 weeks or a couple of months ago, you suddenly announced,

"Mummy, I don't think I need the stool anymore, I think I am tall enough to use the sink all by myself".

And you WERE!

p/s Good grief, I just checked to see that we paid $9.99 for it on Amazon back in 2012, and now it is selling for $21.58 there and $22.99 at ( And that's after they reduced it from $30.99!! )!

Monday, August 3, 2015

A Smartie Pants

We were doing some Math problems the other day, when you suddenly ran off and came back with your Angry Birds Cap.
 photo 7e918b67-b498-4008-b7cd-bc3579b90d44_zpsinmgpaxg.jpg
You then announced "I needed my Thinking Cap".

Minecraft Mania

Yes, you are an ardent fan of the Minecraft Phenomenon, your favorites being Stampylongnose and iBallisticSquid :)  So it is no surprise that your art and craft doesn't stray far from them/it.

 photo July 23 Magnet iBallisticSquid_zpssbdkhepq.jpg

 photo DSC_0847-001_zpssjpzpdzx.jpg

Interesting Food

Here are a few of the pieces of food that you have thought were interesting in the last few weeks. ( That desperately  needed their photos taken)

A "Foldy" Chip from Sharky's Burritos
 photo P7074841-001_zps4neqkrfr.jpg

Some Cheese
 photo P7094852-001_zpsrivgydps.jpg
 photo P7144879-001_zpsebysfu7f.jpg

A Piece of Cereal that apparently looks like Snoopy's Head
 photo P8035102-001_zps4rqfqkox.jpg

Saturday, August 1, 2015

What a roller coaster!

We watched this last night,

and you were pretty captivated.  You cheered, you hid your eyes when the bad guy appeared, and then you cried when Hiro and Baymax were in the travel/time/space portal thingy towards the end.

You were so exhausted after the movie, you announced, "It's time to hit the hay", and fell asleep almost immediately :)