Monday, August 24, 2015

I forgot to post this

Last month we read "The Drinking Gourd" for several weeks, and spent time reading and learning about slavery in the 1800s in America, along with reviewing our constellations especially the Big Dipper and how to locate the North Star.
 photo July 08 School Books2_zpswfed0rrc.jpg
 photo July 08 School Books1_zpszk4hbnbm.jpg
 photo July 08 School Books_zpsbidbpkdb.jpg
We did some online activities - you loved the one where you could make quilt designs online - when we touched on Freedom Quilts,
 photo July 20 School Freedom Quilts_zpsohymaske.jpg
and you absolutely loved singing "The Drinking Gourd" every chance you got!
 photo July 21 Drinking Gourd Books and School-001_zpspqhvehwh.jpg

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