Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Remembering December

Here are a few things that happened over the December holidays that I've just now put together for posting, shame on me :P

Jaxon and the Two Teds : Teddy and Ted Brown
 photo IMG_20151209_115811_424-001_zpscedvqsj3.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_082814_679-001_zpspasg0ilq.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_082832_682-001_zpsqpocp56k.jpg

The Craft Corner
 photo IMG_20151216_084229_062-001_zpsygfryrnh.jpg

Painting Sun Catchers
 photo IMG_20151216_103531_609-001_zpswgzktivo.jpg

Le Gingerbread Village
 photo IMG_20151221_105852-001_zps77illi7f.jpg

Any good End'O'Season Bargains?
 photo PC236514-001_zpsoigjonqd.jpg

Santa and His Sticky Tape Sleigh
 photo IMG_20151217_122635-001_zpsiierz1lm.jpg

Assembling the Christmas Robot
 photo IMG_20151226_120040_583-001_zpsggda2yyw.jpg

 photo IMG_20151226_113646_581-001_zpsefuymkvj.jpg

Thank you Uncle Carter and Aunt Winnie!
 photo IMG_20151226_103914_707-001_zps8glt7law.jpg

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