Thursday, February 18, 2016

Chinese Heritage

I'm sorry I am not creating enough opportunities for you to connect more with the Chinese side of your heritage.  It is just a little bit hard out here in (semi) West Texas.

During Chinese New Year, however, we do try to get into the spirit of the whole thing.

We made CNY cards and couplets for Qi and Xia Yu,

 photo Feb 03 CNY Cards for Qi Xiayu_zpsscmhobqp.jpg

 photo Feb 03 CNY Cards for Qi Xiayu1_zps3x8sglra.jpg

 photo Feb 03 CNY Cards for Qi Xiayu2_zpsqpwaeia5.jpg

 photo Feb 03 CNY Cards for Qi Xiayu3_zpsgv4ip7ke.jpg

and joined the ACU students for Chinese New Year dinner!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Random Schoolness

Groundhog Day and Shadows

Phil, we beg to differ. We in Texas, saw our shadows.  Maybe we'll finally get to see some winter. 

 photo P1010841-001_zpscth70dj7.jpg

 photo P1010840-001_zpss8qjzfki.jpg

Thursday, February 4, 2016


One of the things you love to do at meal times is notice the different things you are eating and if you find an unusual shape in one of your foods, or something interesting, you would ask me to tak e a picture.

eg :  a ) Super Huge Chip

 photo IMG_20160112_175917_166-001_zpsp61wmc7e.jpg

b) "Longest French Fry Ever"

 photo IMG_20160101_105035_565-001_zpssng5l989.jpg

When we are at Walmart, you also gravitate towards toys that you know from the movies that you watch, and so when you saw Kion from The Lion Guard, you first asked if you could carry him around with you while we shopped, and then for a photograph.

 photo IMG_20160119_211423_391-001_zpsyofpqyhr.jpg

and who doesn't like minions?

 photo IMG_20160112_190312_481-001_zpsyngyot6r.jpg

And I love this journal entry about Stampy :)

 photo P1076702-002_zpsei9nevw9.jpg

The book !

 photo P1076701-002_zps7ih5ltzm.jpg

The T Shirt!

 photo IMG_20160105_221548_641-002_zpsoosezlyw.jpg

And then we were at Sam's the other day, and you spotted Stampy's book and immediately asked for  a photo for "posterity". 

 photo P1316757-002_zpsxxvot3cr.jpg

I love you little boy. Never change :)

 photo P1036699-002_zpscz88gvmn.jpg