Saturday, June 25, 2016

Book Fiend

At any given time, we have about 50 - 60 articles/books checked out from the library, and you just devour these books with such voracity, it leaves us just amazed.  In fact, you sneak a book or two with you to bed, and continue to read stealthily way past your bed time.

We have books in the car, even, for you to read as we drive from one place to another.  Even though we still read the "simpler" books, you have since graduated to more complex chapter books.  You currently love reading Roald Dahl's works, and some other ones like the Stick Dog  and Roscoe Riley Rules books.

We managed to get the audio book for Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, and try to listen to a few chapters every night while following along with the actual book - LOVE Quentin Blake's illustrations, don't you?

Anyhow, last week we brought a book from the Ariol Series with us to church and you were reading it at the end of service, while we were waiting for Daddy.  Odies' wife, Kathy, saw you and exclaimed, "Oh, I love it when I see young men reading." :) Don't we all :)

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