Saturday, August 27, 2016

Gr 2 Week 1 Library Books Read

 photo Aug 25 Library Books_zpsnq028nws.jpg

 photo Aug 25 Library Books2_zpsyu6wmchx.jpg

 photo Aug 25 Library Books1_zpsfstuk1ks.jpg

First Week of Second Grade

We didn't put school work away during the summer - it was just less intense and there were days when we just didn't do any school work.

 photo Aug 22 First Day of 2nd Grade3_zpsdgztgzoe.jpg

ANYHOW, a new school year started this week, and you are now in Second Grade! Good Grief how time flies.

 photo Aug 22 First Day of 2nd Grade1_zpsat6rll5b.jpg

But you are still the same sweet, kind, fun-loving, passionate boy you always have been.

 photo Aug 22 First Day of 2nd Grade_zpsqhri03w6.jpg

 photo Aug 22 First Day of 2nd Grade4_zps5yhrqqf0.jpg

On the first day, we didn't really dive right into the thick of things, but did a few more general things, like filling up a "questionnaire" about our favorite things etc, and drawing self portraits. :)

 photo Aug 22 Self Portraits1_zps6d1rg7pi.jpg

 photo Aug 22 Self Portraits_zpsabentzcb.jpg

p/s I think you did an superb job with the light/dark/shading aspect of your portrait. I basically just handed you a piece of paper, asked you to draw yourself and left to do other household chores.  When I came back and saw that you  had drawn a "3D" portrait, I was quite pleasantly surprised!

We are still continuing with homeschooling for now, and I try to make the lessons engaging and relevant, and you are such a darling to work with.

 photo Aug 23 School and Math_zpsu802q9of.jpg

 photo Aug 23 School and Math1_zpsotqz3njd.jpg

You have been asking me to do more Arts and Crafts, and so you were very excited to do some sculpturing with soap.  We were starting off Social Studies learning a little bit about Texas history and culture, and this included The Arts, and how there were sculptures of Sam Houston and Stephen Austin by a German sculptor, Elizabet Ney.  Then I remembered some semi-forgotten Ivory soap and had a lightbulb moment :)

 photo Aug 25 School and Soap Sculptures_zpsdipszopy.jpg

I had gotten a 3-pack of Ivory soap some time last year, thinking we would do this activity when we read "Lentil" for FIAR.  ( which we need to get back to! )

 photo Aug 25 School and Soap Sculptures1_zps0vnflhlg.jpg

We looked up and chose some simple designs and watched a short video,

and started carvin' away with your little plastic knife.

 photo Aug 25 School and Soap Sculptures2_zps14kf2ial.jpg

 photo Aug 25 School and Soap Sculptures3_zpsxtf9zulv.jpg

I have to say, it was not as easy as one might have imagined, or I may have been just a tad bit impatient, and I broke mine into 2 pieces and had to revise what I was going to do. I ended up with a heart and a pacman ghost!

 photo Aug 25 School and Soap Sculptures4_zpsliipnpiq.jpg

 photo Aug 25 School and Soap Sculptures5_zpshkzylyqf.jpg

You did good :) AND we have been using the soap flakes for bathtime! Double whammy fun :)

Here's to more weeks of fun filled learning and good times !

Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer's almost over...

We took part in the Summer Reading Program at the Library, like the  year before, and after you read a certain amount of books within the time frame given, you got to put your hand-print on one of the pillars at the library.

So one day last month, we brought your filled-up form to the library and sought out the librarian in charge, and got your hand-print up on the Pillar of Fame  :)

 photo 20160708_075059-001_zps8afjkddz.jpg
It was a Dinosaur theme this year!
 photo 20160708_104915-001_zpszdazch41.jpg
We sought out Ms. Amanda who is in charge of the children's section of the library to get the little boy's hand painted. "It tickled!"
 photo 20160708_104950-001_zpsxfg9dxds.jpg
Can you spot the "Papa"razzi? :)
 photo 20160708_105010-001_zps2zwjiwuj.jpg
Cleaning up afterward
 photo 20160708_105108-001_zpsctra7554.jpg
You even got to write your name on the pillar!
 photo 20160708_105122-001_zpsqbm8yem7.jpg
ooh yeah, baby.