Thursday, March 23, 2017

Grade 2 Week 24

What with all the Lego Batman craze at this point back in time, I was glad to find The Essential Guide!
 photo Feb 02 Week 24_zpsxde1op2e.jpg
I try to keep the books that we borrow quite diverse, and you just absorb it all in like a sponge.
 photo Feb 02 Week 241_zpsdieiam1d.jpg
I mean, to go from Western Tall Tales to Eastern Celebrations to everything in between.
 photo Feb 02 Week 242_zpsmurfzev6.jpg
We borrowed a book on Shadow Play, and you were eager to try out the different hand positions.  We had a wonderfully brilliant setting sun coming through one of the windows, just right for making shadow puppets. :)
 photo Feb 02 Week 243_zpsei0se5a6.jpg
 photo Feb 02 Week 244_zpsqm001qea.jpg
Then there was all the Punxsutawny Phil business :)  Daddy made sure you watched Groundhog Day this year, and we all enjoyed it very much. I love the expression on the Guy in The Top Hat's face, looking down at Phil, who seems to be motioning his verdict :) Also, there is TREASURE and FOSSILS underground in the dirt/cross section view :) I LOVE the thought and creativity that went into this little picture / poster.
 photo Feb 02 Week 245_zpsayke65ii.jpg
 photo Feb 02 Week 246_zpso8wdapf3.jpg
You asked for a craft, and we tried to come up with one that you hadn't previously done.  This one that we came up with was similar to the ones you had done before, but you enjoyed it nevertheless,
 photo Feb 02 Week 247_zpstbu0zy3f.jpg
and it turned out pretty adorable.
 photo Feb 02 Week 248_zpsscyi1bak.jpg
BUT not as adorable as this little boy who offered to help me change the sheets during one of our breaks.
 photo Feb 02 Week 249_zpsf3sqypwo.jpg
 photo Feb 02 Week 2410_zps3ycfd3za.jpg
You currently love to draw, especially what seems to be story boards, or whole stories in a picture :) Love the imagination and creativity.
 photo Feb 02 Week 2411_zpso5lcg32r.jpg

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