Monday, April 17, 2017

Snickers Satisfies

We were off to Lowe's to return some things, and Daddy went off to look for some stuff after that.

You and I usually don't have anything to look for/at there, so I did a few laps with you in the Lowe's Racing Cart.
You have to fold your legs rather uncomfortably to fit in there, but you didn't mind, seeing how it won't be that long till you won't even be able to squeeze yourself in there anymore.
You had had breakfast, but then we went off to an Easter Eggstravaganza at Southern Hills Church, where all you had was lemonade and a couple of pieces of candy. 
By the time we had done our second lap in Lowe's, you were getting run down.
April 15 Snickers in Lowe's3-001
It was a good thing I had an "emergency" Snickers Bar in my purse that someone had given you as a present.
April 15 Snickers in Lowe's2-001
Talk about instantaneous revival.
April 15 Snickers in Lowe's4-001

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