Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Grade 2 Week 34

When we like something, we LIKE something :P

Like the Commander Toad and Nate The Great books.

We also learned more about the world around us,

as well as indulged in some silliness.

I found a Babar color the dots thingy book, and you had fun with a few pages.

In fact, you are such a little artist, one of your favorite past times is drawing, sketching & doodling.

Your other love, as you know, is reading.  We got to meet up with Mary and a friend of hers at the library this week.

Then you roped Lizzie the Lizard into a Minecraft Card Game.

You walked the dog a few times on your own this week, which was so big-boyish.

and speaking of BIG, we were compelled to get these huge soft pretzels, which seemed to disappear in record time :)

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