Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Grade 2 Week 43 ( June 11th - 17th )

You decided you wanted to revisit the Jedi Academy Books, and we received the Big Nate books that we had put on hold at the library.
June 11 Week 43-001
We continue to learn more about Patricia Polacco through her books, which are a delight and beautifully illustrated.
June 11 Week 431-001
We continue to try to read to open our minds and broaden our horizons,
June 11 Week 432-001
but we still try to search for books that pique our interests as well.
June 11 Week 433-001
We went upstairs for a craft session organized by the library, but we were the only ones there, as just about everyone was done and had left.  The lady in charge was sweet and gracious enough to set up a workstation for us even though she could have very well have been putting her stuff away.
June 11 Week 434-001
You love anything to do with crafts, and loved painting the flower pot and bird feeder that she handed you.
June 11 Week 435-001
Then, it was down to the reading nook :)
June 11 Week 436-001
You still enjoy playing on the Kinect, and this time, you have prepared an audience :P
June 11 Week 437-001
Jaxon and his crew
June 11 Week 438-001
Now, this may seem like an odd photo, but it was to be printed and cut out as part of a craft for a Father's Day card. It made a lot of sense, trust me :)
June 11 Week 439-001
Your current favorite thing to do? Draw Draw Draw, Doodle Doodle Doodle, Make funny comics and come up with super cute caricatures :)
June 11 Week 4310-001

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