Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Grade 2 Week 46 ( July 2nd - 8th )

We started borrowing the Origami Yoda series, and you are enjoying them, along with more of Big Nate and the ever wacky Andy Griffiths.
July 03 Week 46-001
You are at an age now where you read a lot for the stories and tales, but also for information.  So, information put forth in an interesting way makes for a wider read Jaxon. :)
July 03 Week 461-001
You were very enamoured by the marionettes that you had a chance to encounter last week, and asked if we could borrow some books to see if we might try to make some.
July 03 Week 462-002
We also got some Patricia Polacco books ( I mean, this woman's books are amazing ), and a couple more Ms Frizzle's Adventures books, which were so fun that you almost forget you are learning so much!
July 03 Week 463-001
Oh, and other worthy mentions are...
July 03 Week 464-002
And Ta Da, our first marionette!
July 03 Week 465-001
I am still encouraging your journaling.  You enjoy doing it, especially the drawing part, but I still need to remind you to do it on a regular basis.
July 03 Week 466-001
Also, here we have Jaxon being a pro with his Pororo chopsticks and enjoying a fruit popsicle.
I have made more popsicles for you this summer than I have all the years of your life combined.
i.e. A BUNCH!
July 03 Week 467-001
The highlight of this week was seeing the boys as they came to visit their Aunt Patsy.
July 03 Week 468-001
You just gotta love well mannered, well behaved little boys who love your son. :)
July 03 Week 469-001
Los Tres Amigos!
July 03 Week 4610-001

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