Sunday, August 13, 2017

Grade 2 Week 49 ( July 23th - 29th )

We have started on the "The Creature from My Closet" series, and so far you are enjoying the books.
July 24 -030
You loves silliness, and there's plenty of that at the library :)
July 24 -031
We continue to explore other cultures and countries,
July 24 -032
and also some old faithfuls.
July 24 -033
Since you love to read anyway, we filled out the Summer Reading Club log in the Summer edition of HEB's Buddy Magazine, and sent it in.  You were thrilled when less than 2 weeks later, a package came in the mail, addressed to YOU!  You received a certificate and a nifty T-Shirt, which you put on right away :)
July 24 -034
Here's an update on the herbs that we planted.  They're starting to peek out of the soil,
July 24 -035
July 24 -036
July 24 -037
and in just another day or so, they peeked out even more!
July 24 -043
July 24 -039
We read in just about any position we desire,
July 24 -040
revel in smoothie mustaches,
July 24 -041
and love our Teddy Soft Bakes!
July 24 -042

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