Saturday, August 12, 2017

Grade 2 Week 48 ( July 16th - 22nd )

I am grateful to live in a town where library services are readily available and free for residents.  An added bonus are the various amenities, including one which we use ALL the time, the Interlibrary Loan system. Now THAT is a blessing.
July 17 16 -026
We would not have been able to complete the various series of books that the little boy enjoys. 
July 17 16 -041
One would think that with all the time that we have spent at the library, and the amount of children's books that we have borrowed over time, that we could never find anything else new or interesting, but it's as if the library has a bottomless abyss of books.
July 17 16 -042
I have been trying to include more and more stories from a wide variety of nations and cultures into our reading, and am thankful that they keep your attention well.
July 17 16 -040
You still love your little tent that you have had for ages, and could fit into so nicely when you were little.
Fitting into it isn't quite as simple as before, seeing how you are quickly catching up to MY size, but where there is a will, there is a way.
July 17 16 -043
We haven't been doing school so intensely during the summer, but we still get some work done, seeing how we are doing #YearRoundSchool
July 17 16 -044
You still love to doodle in your work, sometimes before you are done with the actual work.  It's cute and imaginative, and so I allow you to do it, while keeping an eye to make sure you actually do more work than doodling.
July 17 16 -045
You continue to fill up  your Crazy Comix book,
July 17 16 -046
and introduce the readers to more and more ways to draw and doodle.
July 17 16 -047
Here you are, sketching in one of your sketch pads.  Notice the wet hair? You have started to shower by yourself for a few weeks now.  You expressed interest in showering by yourself, and at first I stayed outside the shower stall to keep an eye, give encouragement and pointers, and slowly transitioning to you doing everything by yourself.  Now, I still stay close by, but you are in there by yourself from start till finish.
July 17 16 -048
We were at the library the other day, when they were decorating little pots to plant herb seeds in.  We took several home with us as we had arrived late, to do when we got home. There was Parsley, Basil, Cilantro and Dill seeds.
July 17 16 -049
We both decorated 2 cups each,
July 17 16 -050
July 17 16 -051
and you transfered the soil we had brought back with us, into the cups, as well as scattered the seeds into the cups and covering the seeds with soil carefully.
July 17 16 -052
July 17 16 -053
I try to encourage and teach and mold you to be as sweet and good a person as I can, but many times, it seems like YOU are the one teaching me patience and kindness and forgiveness.
July 17 16 -054
Stay sweet and we love you muchly, little boy.
July 17 16 -055

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