Tuesday, July 28, 2015


It does my heart good to see you playing with other kids.. and to see them respond positively to you.  We try to make it a point that when Patsy's great nephews come to visit her, that you boys get to spend some time together.
 photo 1_zps9ql73bev.jpg
You are as tall as the 9 year old, but the 3 of you get along really well.  You are still a little bit immature compared to the 2 boys, but they are really sweet about it.
 photo 2_zpszoib65yk.jpg
 photo 4_zpsfqq6ltte.jpg
 photo 3_zpsmoos9iji.jpg
 photo 5_zpsbfpklcuq.jpg

Monday, July 27, 2015


I forgot to post this when I did the other July 4th Posts, but you had fun making - and especially parading around in - your Uncle Sam hat.
 photo July 01 School and America1_zpselpl2d72.jpg
 photo July 01 School and America_zpswp6ggj2g.jpg
 photo July 01 School and America2_zps0axhngsn.jpg
 photo July 01 School and America3_zpsmizwwble.jpg

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I just realised....

You are now the SAME AGE as CALVIN..

You may not be as precocious, but you have started asking to "drive the shopping cart" 

And of course, nothing is ever completely lost ( even if everyone ELSE says it is ) until Mommy can't find it either, right?

re: below, which happened only last night.

for now, dear boy, the shows that you are allowed to watch have a strict parental filter on - both on the DVR and in person.

Your dad has a story about refusing to eat Beets when he as a child because they tasted BLUE.  Grandad was not too pleased, but that didn't make the gagging any less, apparently.