Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I gotta get out the tape measure

or is it "measuring tape" ?

ANYWAY, last week you were super ravenous all the time, which prompted me to think you were going through some sort of growth spurt.

I mean, you would be hungry not very long after every meal, and it wasn't greediness or gluttony.  It was just pure and simple hunger.

That has slowed down somewhat this week. 

Also, we were at Max's birthday party ( more on that post in Mom's blog in a bit ), and you were taller than any of the kids there, even the 10 year old.  When you guys were growing up, ( Max is 6 months older ), Max would always be a smidgen taller.  Nowadays though, it is quite obvious that you have caught up and is now taller than Max.


Friday, September 15, 2017

Grade 2 Week 52 ( August 13th - 19th )

So these are what we read this week.... some of them are based on real life events, which make them even more poignant.
August 14 Week 521
August 14 Week 522
And seriously, how can we go a week without borrowing any of Dav Pilkey's works?
August 14 Week 52
And we decided that it was time to ditch the booster seat.  You are old enough, and most certainly tall enough.  Also, because you are so tall, the booster seat was cutting off the supply to your legs and you would always complain of "sleepy feet".  There has been a drastic reduction of aforementioned somnambulant feet since then.
August 14 Week 523
Here's a shot that needed to be up here. Helping Mom with making the beds. Something you have been helping me with for a long time now. You're a good kid :)
August 14 Week 524
Also, we just found out that they are rebooting The Magic School Bus, and this time, it will be Ms Frizzle's sister, Fiona Frizzle at the helm!
August 14 Week 525
This is what happens when I don't give you the Spelling Words quickly enough.
August 14 Week 526
We did a simple art/craft project in conjunction with the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, using some chalk pastel and a sheet of black construction paper to show the sun's corona at full eclipse.
August 14 Week 527
August 14 Week 528
August 14 Week 529
As part of STEM, I thought we could try some Lego Challenges. You jumped right to it.
August 14 Week 5210
We don't have that many lego pieces, and those that we DO have are mostly from Cindy, and used to belong to Charles when he was much younger.
August 14 Week 5211
This little mountain even holds a little secret! :)
August 14 Week 5212
August 14 Week 5213
Here's another one, of the American Flag.
August 14 Week 5214
Here's a few friends who have come to admire your work :)
August 14 Week 5215
And here's some Kinecting and some VR'ing of a Moana/Disney game thingy. :) Kids and their technology these days.  Don't worry, I don't let you use the VR more than about 10 minutes at a time, and even then, just occasionally. ( i.e. you've done it like 3 times in 6 months, lol )
August 14 Week 5216
Here you are pretending to chomp into a huge fake chili pepper, during the whole Hatch Peppers Promotion that HEB had.
August 14 Week 5217
Daddy used to be the one I would hand the mixer deals and spoons to after making some delightful desert mix, but now YOU have taken over THAT responsibility :)
August 14 Week 5218

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Grade 2 Week 51 ( Aug 6th - Aug 12th )

Hurray for Chapter Books full of silly drawings!
August 06 -  12 Week 51
Hurray for MORE Chapter Books full of silly art.
August 06 -  12 Week 511
Look at the different types of books we are reading!
August 06 -  12 Week 512
All the culture! All the countries! All the sneaky learning disguised as fun reading!
August 06 -  12 Week 513
We need to do THIS more often :)
August 06 -  12 Week 514
And look at THIS guy hanging out with his tablet :)
August 06 -  12 Week 515
and now look at this sweet sweet boy.
August 06 -  12 Week 516
We are learning and practising our languages,
August 06 -  12 Week 517
and even started cursive!
August 06 -  12 Week 518
and of course, you are a natural at the piano :)
August 06 -  12 Week 519