Sunday, September 30, 2018

We love Art and Nature,

so why not combine the two?

We had gotten a couple of rocks at the Fair, where they  had Rock Painting, but we were never able to attend one of their sessions.

So one fine day, I got out our paints, and we got to work.   


You wanted to paint yours in the same manner as your "other" pet rock, Chester,

Sept 29 w 6 Rock Painting



while I thought I would paint Silky.



Friday, September 28, 2018

Flu Shot.. CHECK!

This year, you got your flu shot with us at the HEB Pharmacy.  We had called up your paediatrician's office, but they wouldn't have a spot open for a flu shot until sometime in November.

Well, we wanted it done as soon as we could and asked if it would just the same if you had your shot when Daddy and I had our shots at HEB, and the doctor's assistant said, yes!

So off we went, and while we were waiting, you were quite content to play with the curtains and call it the VIP First Class waiting area :)


You took the shot really well, with hardly any grimacing or anything.