Monday, January 16, 2017

Sick Day

You had really wanted to go March across the Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge today to celebrate his legacy, but unfortunately, you woke up feeling really bad.

You had a temperature and threw up a few times, poor baby.  So instead, we stayed in bed, read and watched cartoons.

You are rarely sick, so when you do get sick, your daddy and I probably worry a bunch more than we should.  Nevertheless, you have been a real trooper. Get well soon, little boy. We love you muchly.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

HEB PayOff

We always make sure we get some Buddy Bucks whenever we are at HEB.  Mostly, we get a few points here and there, but last week while playing with Cindy, you got Instant Winner! And it wasn't just ANY kind of namby pamby prize, it was a White Board with Marker, which was an awesome prize, because who loves doodling/drawing more than you? :)
 photo 20170106_201335-001_zpsrfedss9r.jpg

Pride & Achievement

We dug out an old jigsaw puzzle that had been somehow overlooked, and you started working on it with gusto.
 photo 20170109_202158_zpswetrdxj7.jpg
You were so proud when  you were done, that you asked for my phone to take a picture :)