Monday, April 17, 2017

Snickers Satisfies

We were off to Lowe's to return some things, and Daddy went off to look for some stuff after that.

You and I usually don't have anything to look for/at there, so I did a few laps with you in the Lowe's Racing Cart.
You have to fold your legs rather uncomfortably to fit in there, but you didn't mind, seeing how it won't be that long till you won't even be able to squeeze yourself in there anymore.
You had had breakfast, but then we went off to an Easter Eggstravaganza at Southern Hills Church, where all you had was lemonade and a couple of pieces of candy. 

By the time we had done our second lap in Lowe's, you were getting run down.
It was a good thing I had an "emergency" Snickers Bar in my purse that someone had given you as a present.
Talk about instantaneous revival.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Grade 2 Week 28

You have read soooo many more books and stories at your young age than a vast majority of people out there of your age or considerably older.  I used to browse row after row of shelves at the library of the Universities I attended, picking out books on just about every/any topic imaginable.  But you have squashed the number of books that I have read by leaps and bounds.

Daddy got you an early birthday gift, but couldn't help presenting it to you one afternoon after lunch.
Just look at that concentration while undoing the wrapping paper.


Oh yes, then there's that pesky bubble wrap still.

Ooooo Look at that coy little smile.:)

When our library day coincides with Arts and Crafts Day, you love to take part and work diligently at whatever the project of the day might be.

You are often also the biggest child there, but who cares, aye? :)

As long as you love to learn and make and craft, I will never stifle any of that. :)

Oh, last but not least, you gained a new cousin, and here's your welcome gift for the little guy :)

Grade 2 Week 27

This is from a week that was way back in February.  At this moment in time I am swamped with a bunch of different things that I can hardly even remember something from yesterday.

And so, from this choice of books, I'm guessing we were doing Presidents' Week. *wink wink*
This year we finally read the whole Gettysburg Address, and introduced Thomas Jefferson, among others.

We continued our study of various aspects of Black History Month,

but we also had time for the silly :)

and a diverse range of topics as well.

You showed me a pair of Storm Trooper socks that had gotten a little too small, that you had turned into a toy.  When turned upside down, the Storm Trooper looked like an entirely different character.

No matter what I serve for our meals, you hardly complain.  If something disagrees with you, you will just very discretely taste a little bit, and then just not eat any more.  We have never heard you ever complain about any dish or food that I've made.  You are really sweet that way.

Breakfast, however, is something you always scarf down. 

You have a very curious and imaginative mind, and no matter what medium you use to express yourself, it always is unique and interesting. I love how you have captured the essence of the picture in the different expressions in the photo below.

Also, being the goofball that you are, every time we come across one of those "Stand here and stick your face out this hole" thingies, you will be first in line.

We thought that this little red truck at HEB was fun and super cute.

AND you surprised me with a poster one day, with a designed based on Uncle Sam :)