Thursday, January 11, 2018

G3 W15

Weird School ness!
Nov 26 G3 W15-001
Mo Willems!
Nov 26 G3 W151-001
Nov 26 G3 W152-001
Nov 26 G3 W153-001
Monsters and Ghoulies!
Nov 26 G3 W154-001
Nov 26 G3 W155-001
We also managed to have lunch with Cindy and the kids before they left to go back to Fort Worth.
Nov 26 G3 W157-001
Seeing how it's the season and all, you helped me make a Pumpkin Cheesecake :)
Nov 26 G3 W158-001
And you couldn't believe it when we found a giant tumbleweed in the front yard one morning :)
Nov 26 G3 W159-001
Aw, look at that perfect little curly head.
Nov 26 G3 W1510-001
Hopefully we'll get some of these memorized before long :)
Nov 26 G3 W1511-001
And it's not every day you have a carrot boot on your head.
Nov 26 G3 W1512-001

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Pomegranate Bib

One can't have Pomegranate without t-shirt casualty, but not on Mommy's watch.
Nov 25 Bagel, Crackers etc-001

G3 W14 Thanksgiving

We did some school work in the Thanksgiving vein. 
Nov 19 G3 W14-001
We looked up how to make Corn Husk Dolls, and I soaked some fresh corn husks that we had in tea for a bit, then dried them in the oven.
Nov 19 G3 W141-001
You had a bit of trouble at first, but with your nimble fingers, you soon had an authentic looking doll whipped up.
Nov 19 G3 W142-001
We also tried to make more things out of the recyclables we had, with a Thanksgiving theme in mind.  You  decided you wanted to make something to represent The Mayflower.
Nov 19 G3 W143-001
We continued our Lego Challenge with "Make a Turkey that is at least 6" tall".
Nov 19 G3 W144-001
We did some copy work, and let's just say that You Like To Embellish.
Nov 19 G3 W1415-001
Nov 19 G3 W1416-001
We made some time for Kinect as a way to exercise.
Nov 19 G3 W145-001
This is just a random photo of you having fun playing with a mound of nuts. *sigh*
Nov 19 G3 W146-001
Again, a random breakfast shot.
Nov 19 G3 W147-001
You love helping, and this time of year, you love making the Cranberry Relish.
Nov 19 G3 W148-001
I let you use a knife under close supervision, and we talked about how cranberries float in bogs because of all the air pockets in them.
Nov 19 G3 W149-001
You helped clean and separate the squishy ones from the good ones.
Nov 19 G3 W1410-001
You wanted to cut the navel oranges, and we tried to cut in the safest way.
Nov 19 G3 W1411-001
Grinding the cranberries and oranges though, was another matter. It took all of your strength to turn that thing, and Daddy came to lend a hand :)
Nov 19 G3 W1412-001
Nov 19 G3 W1413-001
Next, we mixed in the Stevia, and voila, Cranberry Orange Relish.
Nov 19 G3 W1414-001
Next, we got out some pipe cleaners and Playdoh, and tried to make a Wompanoag Wetu.
Nov 19 G3 W1417-001
Nov 19 G3 W1418-001