Monday, November 13, 2017

G3 W6 Goofiness Galore

( as if a week goes by without goofiness )

as evidenced by all the Dav Pilkey books borrowed from the library.

Sept 25 G3 W6

Sept 25 G3 W61

and Mo Willems books.

Sept 25 G3 W62

AND Andy Griffiths.

Sept 25 G3 W63

But we still try to be diverse :)

Sept 25 G3 W64

Sept 25 G3 W65

Sept 25 G3 W66

THESE shots were right after you solved a Math Tangram Problem and was rolling around in exhilaration.

Sept 25 G3 W67


Sept 25 G3 W68

We learned about Quotations and Dialogue,

Sept 25 G3 W69

and you had some pretty funny ideas for the worksheet :)

Sept 25 G3 W610

Sept 25 G3 W611

Sept 25 G3 W612

Sept 25 G3 W613

One day, you inadvertently dressed yourself up like Dr. Horrible.

Sept 25 G3 W614

and did some Dot Painting,

Sept 25 G3 W615

and then there was the time you tried to balance a package of Pinto Beans on your head,

Sept 25 G3 W616

and tried to right the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Sept 25 G3 W617

Sunday, November 12, 2017

G3 W5 The One with the Threefer Collages

It almost seems like there would never be a time when you would not like the Cap.

Sept 16 G3 W5

or jokes and funny books.

Sept 16 G3 W51

Then of course, we need to get grounded again with folk stories, and more dramatic stories.

Sept 16 G3 W52

And try to read from a variety of cultures.

Sept 16 G3 W53

We visited Mamo/Aunt Judith, who brought out her little plasma globe/ball.  You were quite fascinated by it.

Sept 16 G3 W54

I had borrowed this book because, let's face it, the little boy on the cover and back just totally screams JAXON.  So it was no surprise when you discovered it in the book bag, and came to me grinning.  "MOMMY, does THIS remind you of ANYONE???", and proceeded to do the Staying Alive move. :)

Sept 16 G3 W55

Good Lord, your shoe size is catching up to mine.

Sept 16 G3 W56

This is also the week when you received the little tripod for your tablet for your animation purposes,

Sept 16 G3 W57

and the sticker clothes for your stikbots :)

Sept 16 G3 W58

and you couldn't wait to use them.

Sept 16 G3 W59

School went on as usual,

Sept 16 G3 W510

and daddy made some homemade ice cream :)

Sept 16 G3 W511

You decided one night that your pants worked better as a hat...

Sept 16 G3 W512

and we had loads of fun reading books.

Sept 16 G3 W513

Sept 16 G3 W514

A Lazy Saturday :)

You are just about the sweetest little boy, with not many demands, and always very gracious and thankful.  So,even a simple breakfast of cereal and fruit makes you happy :)



Today, you decided that the new PJs that we got a few days ago were too comfortable to come out of, and so you proceeded to have a lazy Saturday lounging around and watching Spongebob :)