Saturday, March 17, 2018

G3 W25

Voila, Books.
Feb 04 G3 W25-001
Feb 04 G3 W251-001
See the variety?
Feb 04 G3 W252-001
Feb 04 G3 W253-001
I finally relented and downloaded a few demos on the Xbox that were not Kinect, but instead, using the controller.  This one was a Disney one, which featured Mickey.
Feb 04 G3 W254-001
Oh, and we have been doing cursive! You are doing remarkably well and actually enjoy your daily lessons. 
Feb 04 G3 W255-001
You asked if you could do another one of the DIY Japanese Snacks, and you usually have a way better time making them than the actual eating bit :)
Feb 04 G3 W256-001
Feb 04 G3 W257-001
You love Silky to bits, and enjoy spending time with her, just hanging out.
Feb 04 G3 W258-001
Queen Silky, in all her glory.
Feb 04 G3 W259-001
She likes to think she owns the whole home, and doesn't mind squeezing in with the humans.
Feb 04 G3 W2510-001
This week at the library, Daddy showed you some simple Chess Moves, which you were appreciative of, but I think you might have been more interested in making shapes with the checkers pieces :)
Feb 04 G3 W2511-001
Feb 04 G3 W2512-001

Sunday, March 4, 2018

G3 W24

You're getting less apprehensive abo,
ut holding the cat
Jan 28 G3 W24-001

and she has gotten accustomed to us and you, especially. Even sleeps at your feet at night.

Jan 28 G3 W241-001

We took her to the vet for shots and whatnots, and she took it all in her stride.

Jan 28 G3 W242-001

She is one curious kitty, and you are discovering so much about each other.

Jan 28 G3 W243-001

You thought it would be interesting to make a Magformer cat,

Jan 28 G3 W244-001

and get Silky to interact with it. 

Jan 28 G3 W245-001

And share the funnies with her as well.

Jan 28 G3 W246-001

We woke you up very early one morning, to watch the Super Blood Blue Moon. Aye, a mouthful, that.

Jan 28 G3 W247-001

We did a spot of drawing and painting, something you always enjoy, and I should schedule in more.

Jan 28 G3 W248-001

We read up a little bit about taking care of cats,

Jan 28 G3 W249-001

read some books on alternative timelines,

Jan 28 G3 W2410-001

read Weird School Specials while we waited for our library holds to be available,

Jan 28 G3 W2411-001

and got our mitts into this, that and the other.

Jan 28 G3 W2412-001

Jan 28 G3 W2413-001

Friday, March 2, 2018

G3 W23 The Week of The Cat

We got a new addition to the family :)
Jan 24 G3 W23-001
A Little White Kitty which you have named..
Jan 24 G3 W231-001
Silky the Wonder Cat.  Daddy added "with pumpkin highlights" and i added "manja".
Jan 24 G3 W232-001
So, she is officially "Silky Manja The Wonder Cat With Pumpkin Highlights Woods".
Jan 24 G3 W233-001
There you go. This mouthful can also be quite the handful while she is still in her late kittenhood.
Jan 24 G3 W234-001
But you totally adore her, and you 2 have grown quite close.
Jan 24 G3 W235-001
You used to be a little scared of handling animals / pets, but nowadays, you just carry her around everywhere, even if she accidentally scratches you.
Jan 24 G3 W236-001
Also, this was probably the last week Cindy was here, and we had one last romp at the playground with her.
Jan 24 G3 W237-001
and as always, books, books and more books.
Jan 24 G3 W238-001

Jan 24 G3 W239-001

Jan 24 G3 W2310-001

Jan 24 G3 W2311-001