Saturday, April 12, 2014


No, we haven't been neglecting School Work.  I just haven't been taking that many photos, that's all.   I caught myself NOT taking photos, and am trying to remind myself to be better.

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These photos are from different days, doing different activities based on different books/holidays, but I do believe you are having fun in each one of them. :)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bed time conversations....

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We were putting you to bed, and I was putting the Peter Rabbit quilt over you...

Me : "Do you know who gave you this Peter Rabbit quilt blankie?"

You : "No"

Me : "It was Charles and Joy.  Joy made the blankie for you when you were a baby."

You : "Is Joy Cindy's girl?"

Me: "Charles is Cindy's son and Joy is Charles' wife."


You : "Did they get in love?"

Me :"Yes, little boy, they did."

You :"I wish when I am older I'll get in love with a girl.  I love girls. They're so sweet."

*4 minutes later *

You : "Did Charles have a girlfriend?"

Me: "Yes, Joy was his girlfriend and he married her."

You : "Oh. Okay."

Friday, April 4, 2014

Sweet Sweet Cousins

A few weeks ago, Allen came to visit and stay with Cindy for a week.  You had been missing your cousins and were so glad and excited when Allen came and spent time with you almost every day.

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He really is a sweetheart.  Even though there is a big(ish) age difference and like that, he seems to genuinely like being with you and playing with you.   That makes me love him ( and Anastasia ) so much - for loving you, for watching out for you, and for being so sweet to a little boy.

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We are sorry he and Anastasia missed your birthday celebrations, but you are definitely excited and can't wait to see them at Easter!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Birthday, Little Boy :)

It has been a tiring weekend, but Thank God everything went according to plan, and we celebrated your birthday with so many people who love you so dearly :)

 photo Malaysia17_zpsb9d3d55d.jpg

Hop on over to Mommy's blog for pics and more :)

We love you, little boy. Soooooooooo much.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Let's go to the Movies

Last week, we went to Town and Country Drive In to watch .... Lego Movie and Frozen - yup, it was a double feature and ended waaaaaaaay past your bed time, but we thought, "What the heck" and just went with it.

You were excited, and of course, there was popcorn, and you were seated comfortably on my lap/in my chair the whole time, so you didn't really complain, except for 3 or 4 times during the movies when you didn't like how the story was going, and you would duck down and say that you were ready to go home now. :)

 photo P3197594_zps3f82a80d.jpg

The next day, we asked you what the best part of it was, and your answer was, "The Mickey Mouse Cartoon!". *sigh* :) To be fair, it made you laugh out loud all over the place, and really made an impression on you, whereas the Lego movie and Frozen are probably for the "a little bit older kids" crowd, but you were sweet and very well behaved throughout :)

 photo 03874043-ce91-43c0-88b4-44829ffa6a26_zpsae577dc2.jpg

These would slip through the cracks....

if i were not for the fact that I do a monthly review of all photos taken to send to Kong Kong and Poh Poh..

Having lunch with Cindy and Cousin Wyatt at Sunrise

 photo c671ef20-402d-47e4-8176-b6cdcf254578_zps267f046d.jpg

Watching part of a baseball game with Piglet

 photo e56dfe0b-61b5-49c2-b7df-9b516251e70b_zps8dfe05f8.jpg

Only Cindy can push a shopping cart like this :)

 photo 9c84e70b-7bd2-4261-91d6-86a14f0daf7e_zpsa61a9544.jpg

One of your favorite past times :)

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Old Friends

Look who we had a photo - op with. :)

 photo P2217396_zps9dc3cbcf.jpg

and here's a flashback to when you guys were just ONE :)

 photo aada175b.jpg