Friday, February 10, 2017

Grade 2 Week 20

There were a few weeks in here somewhere, when I was sick and feeling awful, so for the next few posts, there might not really be much going on in the School Front.
 photo Jan 02 Week 20-001_zps5tznauy4.jpg
 photo Jan 02 Week 201-001_zpsdqy7wzkm.jpg
 photo Jan 02 Week 202-001_zpsegbl502k.jpg
 photo Jan 02 Week 203-001_zpsd3tmomlr.jpg
We did have some days of glorious sunshine,
 photo Jan 02 Week 204-001_zpsvppqrnxp.jpg
followed by days of crazy cold.
 photo Jan 02 Week 205-002_zpszi3e3cqr.jpg
We did a few things to usher in the New Year,
 photo Jan 02 Week 206-001_zpsar8btbek.jpg
like make masks and party hats...
 photo Jan 02 Week 207-001_zpsjlemblet.jpg
You wanted to make a food chain with YOU in it..
 photo Jan 02 Week 208-001_zpsmzck3zye.jpg
and we continued expanding our knowledge...
 photo Jan 02 Week 209-001_zpss2fzy2zx.jpg
flew some paper airplanes in, er, church,
 photo Jan 02 Week 2010-001_zpstkmrlmqs.jpg
and made a craft cat who looks suspiciously like Pete the Cat.
 photo Jan 02 Week 2011-001_zps06ndmpab.jpg
 photo Jan 02 Week 2012-001_zpsb9z0e39w.jpg

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Grade 2 Week 19

We tried to learn a little more about Hanukkah this week, as we (sadly ) started to leave Christmas behind......
 photo Dec 26 Week 19-001_zps3wby1dx3.jpg
 photo Dec 26 Week 191-001_zpsjnaogehz.jpg
 photo Dec 26 Week 192-001_zps7tdh7hat.jpg
Cast of Characters for the Season :
The New Year Baby : Teddy
Christmas Elf : Small Pig
The Old Year : Medium Pig
Abominable Snow Man : Big Pig
 photo Dec 26 Week 193-001_zpsfbxl1wss.jpg
Finger Menorah
 photo Dec 26 Week 199-001_zpse8upzobr.jpg
Potato Latkes
 photo Dec 26 Week 198-001_zpsxf2lwa7c.jpg
Dreidel Game
 photo Dec 26 Week 197-002_zpsnkxvjdn7.jpg
All these Hanukkah Bear stories....
 photo Dec 26 Week 196-001_zpsxb4ulqph.jpg
We continued our Spanish Lessons with Snr. Cano, and you love the new game she has introduced, "Simón dice" to practice "las partes de mi cuerpo".
 photo Dec 26 Week 1910-002_zpshy27usaw.jpg
You practised the Dominoes Stacking Trick Uncle Lin taught you, and hey presto, SUCCESS!
 photo Dec 26 Week 194-001_zps6bgop3ds.jpg
And then of course, there is the disappointment when your work of art comes crashing down.
 photo Dec 26 Week 195-001_zpsmhrxa55z.jpg
Never fear, "If at first you don't succeed, Try Try again!"

Monday, January 16, 2017

Sick Day

You had really wanted to go March across the Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge today to celebrate his legacy, but unfortunately, you woke up feeling really bad.

You had a temperature and threw up a few times, poor baby.  So instead, we stayed in bed, read and watched cartoons.

You are rarely sick, so when you do get sick, your daddy and I probably worry a bunch more than we should.  Nevertheless, you have been a real trooper. Get well soon, little boy. We love you muchly.