Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Minecraft on the Brain

We got caught in the rain walking into the church building on Sunday, and all you could say was, "Mummy, quick, take a picture of your purse! It looks like one of the blocks in Minecraft!!"

Here you go, son.
 photo IMG_20150524_090048_276-001_zpsdimyxg7h.jpg
Yes, we are getting quite tall and big these days... and not batting an eyelid at feats that require tremendous strength.. like er, holding up the RV roof with a single finger.

 photo May 30 Holding up the Ceiling with 1 Finger_zpssdf487sc.jpg

Good Lord

Has it been almost a month since I have posted? This is worse than I thought.  Gotta buckle down and do some serious catching up.

To start us off, here's a tradition you like to uphold whenever we are at Lowe's while Daddy's picking up, well, Daddy Stuff.
 photo IMG_20150519_185326_028_zpsz0t96o4g.jpg
 photo IMG_20150519_185438_272_zpsbuym27jm.jpg
You will always ask me if you can go ride the "tractors" and lawnmowers.  And then you would climb onto just about everyone of them and ask me to snap photos.
 photo May 19 Lawnmower Boy at Lowes-001_zpsxh1c48ki.jpg
Yes, you are quite the ham.

I made you promise to get me an actual riding mower when you are all grown up, and you were only too happy to say "Of Course!"