Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blood, Sweat and Urine

I think being pregnant makes you feel hot.

And not necessarily hot in the "sexy momma" sense, but rather as in the "why is it so hot in this store?? Are they trying to save on their electricity by making this into a sauna" sort of hot.

I didn't really sweat, but the hubs and I were at like, 5 different locations today, and I swear, each time we stopped, i would wonder the same thing .. "What is up with the thermostat settings at these places?!?!". Oh well.

Our first stop was the Abilene Health Department, where, armed with my lab form from the OBGYN, David and I trooped up to the second floor, where the lab was located, for my baseline prenatal blood work. The technician was really nice and gentle, and sent me off first to the ladies' room, with 2 urine sample bottles.

Back in Malaysia, for urine cultures, we would probably just ask for a mid stream urine sample. This time, tho, I was given a single sterile wipe in one of those foil packet thingies, and told to collect first in 1 bottle ( probably for the urinalysis part ) , then BRAKE and WIPE, and THEN collect the second sample ( for the urine culture ).

Good grief. They're starting me on my Kegel exercises already. ( the link's to a pretty funny video )

Then came the blood taking part. The hubs went "ERK!" and walked off into the hallway to escape all of that. The technician's comment? "Bah, men are such babies".


Plus, by going to the health department and not the hospital's lab, we saved 2000 dollars. TWO THOUSAND FREAKIN' DOLLARS!



Applied Christianity said...

If he can't take a little blood, how is he going to do on the birthday? Oh brother.

Skwermy said...

Isn't it amazing how expensive medical care could be here in the States? Alamak right? LOL Anyway, no, LOL, I am not preggers yet, at least not that I am aware of, but piling on the pre-natals before, during and after right? :-)