Friday, September 12, 2008

Hey, you're 10 weeks!

Can you believe we have already completed 1/4 of our journey? Hurricane Ike is hammering the mid eastern Texas coast tonight, and mummy's following it online.

I was just thinking today that before you were conceived, I would wonder if I could ever be a good mommy, and sometimes the thought of bringing up and moulding a life would terrify me. But you know what? Those thoughts have not entered my mind since the moment we found out that we were having you.

Maybe I'm too busy with thoughts of how to keep myself healthy and not feeling sick, so that you will have the best chances even while in the womb, or preparations for your arrival, that all these"bad and unprepared mommy" thoughts just have not had the chance to enter the picture. One thing for sure, mommy and daddy already love you so much and can't wait to catch another glimpse of you on the next ultrasound appointment!

I have been having good non-barfy days and yesterday watched a bunch of "Discovery Health" and there was a stretch of baby and delivery documentaries so no wonder I was glued to the screen. Anyway, one documentary mentioned that while pregnant, a woman produces the same amounts of hormones as a non pregnant woman would if she lived for 150 years! I mean, woah!

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McMGrad89 said...

So have you done this before???
These folks on the radio used to have girls call in and do the calculations and then call back when they found out the truth. I say it can't hurt. Let me know if it works.